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Here is a newsflash for you! Nielsen released it marketing research and stated that at the beginning of 2012 over half of all Americans had a smart phone.

Notice they did not say "cell phone". They didn't even say "web-enhanced" phones where internet connections are possible. They said "Smart Phones" - the ones that act more like computers than phones - the ones that take up 20 times more bandwidth than a normal cell phone.

I don't know if you personally own one now, but having a smart phone is like turning a kid loose in a candy store.

You can't possibly imagine all the wonders you could do or have until you get there...

Already 62% of people looking for local goods and services, including dentists, do so with their mobile phones. And that number is projected to rise sharply by the end of this year.

Look, let's take a hard look at what this means for you and your dental practice.

You want to attract more qualified patients. You can tell me anything, but when there's no one else around, the truth of the matter is getting more qualified patients is your main concern right now.

Refer to our free report The Dental Website Audit. It shows how in an itty bitty town in northern Michigan - far north of freeways and the latest trends - 10,000 residents (including babies and senior citizens) conducted almost 200,000 searches for local services, including dentists.

If that is the case now, what will it be like as more and more people use the internet and mobile devices?

Radio and TV spots don't have the punch in today's modern world. Yellowpages listings do not get you more patients (YP will be completely extinct within 18 months). You need a way to get your website up, seen, and hooked up for mobile searches... QUICKLY!

The early adopters and fast movers will have a dominant head start on the rest of the pack...


Written by rcarroll