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I’d like to highlight a  major decision that every dentist has to make that will forever determine the future of their practice.

That choice is whether they are going to go through life as a “Dental CEO” or someone I call a “Piddler.”

The first type of dentist is one I call the “Piddler. These are the dentists that seem to be more interested in understanding how something works than they are in enjoying the results that are created by that thing.

Imagine the website for your practice. The Piddler is the one who enjoys tinkering with the website, or the phone system, or any of the many systems used in the practice.

The “tinkering” part is key. Unfortunately, The Biggest Secret is often worthless to this type of dentist for reasons that will become clear very soon.

The second type of dentist is quite different from the Piddler. While this type of dentist can appreciate the qualities of the Piddler, he understands that this use of time actually works against him reaching his goals.

Instead of spending time “tinkering,” this dentist is focused on engineering his practice so he can maximize the amount of time invested in treating patients. Treating patients is his #1 most profitable activity. It IS the reason he is there. And it IS the seed of his future success.

I call this second type of dentist the Dental CEO. Think of any well known CEO from the corporate world. I’m thinking of someone that sits in an ivory tower somewhere, that flies around the world on a private jet, that meets with dignitaries from all walks of life.

What are the chances you would ever find this person trying to fix a leaky coffee pot in the break room? It’s not going to happen. Why?

Because that CEO understands that the best and most profitable use of his time requires him to stay far away from any activity that does not leverage his unique gifts.

The Dental CEO understands that, while he is responsible for all of the parts of his practice, he must be responsible for those things without losing focus on his #1 most profitable activity.

Make a Choice or Have It Made For You

You might want to read that section a few times and let it really sink in. The good news about this choice you have to make is that no one can force you to choose one path over the other. If you want to be a “Piddler,” by all means, be that. Just understand that with that choice, you will be limited in what you can accomplish in your practice.

If the “Dental CEO” path is the way you want to go, then by all means, go that way. That’s a very different path. And it’s one that requires a completely different mindset and set of actions.

Really, it doesn’t matter which path you choose. The important thing, really, is just that you make a conscious choice.

If you don’t make a choice, it will be made for you. You’ll wonder why you aren’t getting the results you want and this single choice will be much of the reason.


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