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No dentist thinks he is looking for a magic bullet to improve his practice. But the truth is, many of you are.

To all dentists who think that one big thing, a magic bullet, can provide you all the patients you need to grow your practice: I’m sorry to tell you that you are wrong.

You want a simple solution, wrapped up in a nice little bow, that someone can put in your hands and say, “Here you go. Now patients will start beating down your door.”

It doesn’t work like that. No one thing, however shiny or tech-sounding, will bring you new patients:

  • Not a great website.
  • Not a great autoresponder sequence.
  • Not a great ad.
  • Not a great location.
  • Not a great television commercial.
  • Not great SEO.
  • Not great reviews online.
  • Not great endorsements or testimonials.
  • Not great skill as a dentist.
  • Not a great receptionist.
  • Not a great office.
  • Not a great web marketing company.
  • Not a great reputation.

But HAVING a bad version of any of those things can seriously stunt your growth and potentially kill your practice. And while there are many, many ways to get a bad version of one or more of those vehicles, the most common is the “do-it-yourself” approach.

The number of dentists who want to handle their own marketing and practice management is amazing.

It takes SO MUCH working together to go right to be successful. And it takes SO LITTLE to go wrong to keep you from reaching your potential.

Obviously some dentists choose to do it all on their own. That is why we offer products on web marketing, including this blog. We want you to have the best shot you can at being successful.

But a dentist should no more learn to manage his own web marketing than a marketer should learn to do his own dental work.

The obvious reason is that marketing doesn’t put money in your pocket. Putting patients in chairs bring in revenue; marketing is the investment you make. But while you’re busy handling your marketing (you did note the length of that list, yes?), you’re taking time and energy away from what pays – practicing dentistry.

The second reason you probably shouldn’t do your own marketing and practice management is that you’re too close to them. That may sound odd, but a certain objective perspective on how you and your practice are actually perceived (as opposed to how you think you’re perceived) is really helpful. In fact, it’s essential, because far too many dentists want to market their certifications, training, and expertise.

Patients don’t care.

If you felt something like outrage or indignation when you read that, you’re a perfect example of needing an objective perspective. Patients already assume that the dentist is the expert; they’re looking for other qualities when deciding which dentist to select.

That’s hard to hear, but it’s the truth.

For a dental practice’s marketing to go right, many things have to work together. For things to go wrong, it only takes one mistake. And a lack of perspective is an almost sure way of making something go wrong.


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