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In last Thursday’s post, I revealed the four main components to our Patient Attraction System and how it works to attract, convert, nurture and follow up on dental patients. Today, I’ll discuss why tracking the results for each marketing dollar invested makes investing in and fine-tuning your marketing easy.

Making investment decisions for practice growth becomes a much simpler task when you use systems-based patient attraction. A practice that can fully measure and account for each marketing dollar’s productivity can save an enormous amount of wasted money.

In addition, dental practices can test new marketing or practice-building initiatives on a small and measurable scale to ensure that they are worth the investment. Practices can easily track patient sources to invest in the most profitable marketing streams. Ultimately, systems-based patient attraction allows a dental practice to develop an entirely new business asset: the very system that delivers a steady stream of qualified patients to the practice.

So why is it a system? Why can’t you do two or three of the four steps and get results?

  • Attraction (Step 1) without the necessary follow-up (Step 3) leads to wasted money.
  • Follow-up (Step 3) without the proper conversion (Step 2) transforms your practice into an unwanted pest.
  • Seeing a system attract patients (Step 1) without having any clue which parts of the system are actually responsible for those patients (Step 4) makes it impossible to keep doing what’s working and to stop doing what’s not.

With all four steps of the process together, everything works to attract the dentist more and better patients.

With Systems-Based Patient Attraction, There Are No Limits

Almost every dentist is well aware of what limits the growth of his or her practice. There are only so many hours in the day, and unless you plan on spending every waking hour treating patients in the chair, you need to pursue a smarter practice-growth strategy than simply “working more hours.”

This is one of the most valuable “hidden benefits” of using the systems-based approach to patient attraction:

While your system can’t produce more hours in a day, it can dramatically elevate the quality of the patients you attract and bring a more predictable flow of those patients into your practice. As your patient quality increases, so too can the fees and the ease of selling larger cases.

While building a systems-based approach to patient attraction is fairly straightforward on one level, it is very important be clear about EXACTLY what type of patient you want to attract.

This approach to client attraction creates a “machine” that magnifies what you put into it. The system will create a steady flow of patients into your practice. The secret is to make sure the “instructions” you give your system are focused on attracting the right type of patient for your practice.

As your prospective patients’ attention becomes even more fractured in the coming years, attracting and building trust with those patients is not going to get easier.

In fact, the dramatic results experienced by our top clients most likely are an early indicator that the systems-based approach to patient attraction is going to be the only long-term solution to consistent practice growth at an acceptable cost.

When you compare a practice using this type of systems-based attraction to a practice that is not, there’s really no way for the systems-less practice to compete.

The constant barrage of marketing messages in the lives of your prospective patients have made trust, respect and authority something that must be earned over time – especially for any dentist who wants to assume the role of trusted advisor in the life of their patient.

A systems-based approach to patient attraction generates that trust over time.

Meet Two Dentists Using A Systems-Based Approach

Two real-life examples of dentists who are excelling thanks to system-based patient attraction are Dr. Ronald Receveur of New Albany, IN, and Dr. Raleigh Pioch of Salem, OR.

Both have experienced a dramatic increase in collections following the installation of a systems-based approach to patient attraction.

  • Dr. Receveur has seen collections increase over a five-year period from $900K to just more than $2 million in five years.
  • Dr. Pioch’s collections have grown even faster: from $800K to $3.2 million in six years.

While it might be surprising that a simple four-step process could play such an enormous role in generating this type of growth, the real power comes from combining all four of the steps long enough to generate results that exceed the sum of the system’s parts.

Just as a reminder, the four steps are attraction, conversion, follow-up and tracking.

Dr. Pioch has agreed to make complimentary copies of a case study outlining his approach to systems-based patient attraction available upon request.

Inside the case study, Dr. Pioch outlines the approach to systems-based patient attraction he’s used to grow his practice by 600 percent.

Request your copy by visiting http://PiochCaseStudy.com.


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