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Dentists don’t like to believe it, but they lose far many more prospects than they need to at the primary point of contact with their practice … the phone. Every prospect that calls the practice but isn’t appointed is a waste of dentists’ marketing dollars.

SmartBox has decided to something about that problem for our dentists. The SmartBox Challenge directly incentivizes front office staff to appoint as many new patient callers as possible. And it doesn’t cost our dentists one dime.

Here’s how it works. We’ve created a level playing field for practices of all sizes and types. Every quarter, SmartBox will determine the total number of new patient calls to each practice and the total number of new patients appointed. Each practice’s score is a percentage of callers appointed.

Every quarter, the front office staff of the highest-performing practices will win thousands of dollars in gift cards. And here’s a rundown of the annual prizes:

  • 1st place: a fabulous all-expenses-paid dream vacation
  • 2nd place: a $5,000 Las Vegas getaway
  • 3rd place: a $2,000 spa package

Why Are We Doing This?

SmartBox’s industry-leading Patient Attraction System™ continues to revolutionize how dental practices get more and better patients. Part of our system is phone tracking for our dentists. We record every call to every practice every month. Our dedicated team of Call Quality Analysts listens to every call and notes excellent performance by front office staff and performance that is costing dentists money.

We’re dedicated to dentists’ success. And when identified problems in appointing new patient callers, we decided to make sure that dentists get the maximum return on their marketing investment. But our efforts don’t stop with the SmartBox Challenge.

Not Just Tracking – Training

SmartBox is proudly offering our proprietary, dental practice-specific Patient Attraction Phone Training & Certification Program. It’s specifically designed to turn a dentist’s front office into a patient-appointing powerhouse.

So, not only does SmartBox identify problems with doctors’ front office phone technique, we help them address the problem.

All SmartBox dentists are eligible to take part in the SmartBox Challenge. Realistically, to be in the running for the annual prizes, you’d need to sign up for one of our service levels by the end of June. But any practice with a solid quarter’s phone tracking data is eligible for the quarterly prizes.

There’s an even better reason to consider becoming a SmartBox dentist: more and better patients. It’s what we deliver for more than 550 dentists on three continents. SmartBox dentists get more patients, more profits, and more freedom.

We’ve made it incredibly easy to discover whether SmartBox is right for your practice. And, frankly, whether you’re the right kind of practice owner to partner with us.

Visit smartboxdental.com and reserve your free, no-obligation Practice Discovery Session™. Invest 20 minutes of your time to discover how you can double or even triple your practice. We’ll take the results of that phone call and send you your personalized Patient Attraction Roadmap™ – again, absolutely free.

Is your dental practice up to the challenge? With SmartBox’s help, it will be.


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