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Think what you want about today’s slang, but it does tend to capture a certain something.

The question, “What the whut?” is generally an expression of disbelief or a reaction to something that doesn’t seem to make sense.

At SmartBox, we get that reaction a lot. Here’s why.

Unusually Helpful

SmartBox isn’t just a dental marketing company. We’re a Practice Growth company.

We address virtually every aspect of dental practice success, from attracting the right new patients, to helping convert those patients, to helping retain those patients.

Patient Attraction Services

Our Patient Attraction System® is the cornerstone of our dentists’ success. Your entire marketing effort, both online and offline, is strategic, integrated, and closely coordinated. Doctors who use our Patient Attraction System routinely enjoy higher revenues and can even increase their average case values.

Since an overwhelmingly large percentage of prospects begin their search for dentist online, being found in search results is crucial. Our Local360 Local Search Optimization keeps your practice information consistent across the internet and aids your search engine results page ranking.

Online reputation management is also crucial for dentists these days. SmartBox’s RAVE Reputation Management is the answer for busy dental practices. And since prospects routinely seek out “social proof” when looking for a dentist, SmartBox’s BUZZ™ powered by My Social Practice keeps your social media lively and convincing to prospects.

With SmartBox, your phones will be ringing with new patient opportunities.

Patient Conversion Services

Get new patient callers is great, but you’ve got to convert those callers to appointed patients. Our Patient Attraction Phone Training™ & Certification will turn your front office into a new patient-appointing powerhouse.

But we don’t stop there. Our Call Tracking & Monitoring service identifies any issues with your front office’s phone technique so that you can quickly address the problem. And our Front Office Success Seminar is a deep dive into the ultimate front office success techniques.

Patient Retention Services & Products

SmartBox’s newly-launched Patient Reactivation Program™ is designed to save you big bucks by helping you retain dormant patients and get them back in your chairs. Each reactivated patient costs one-fifth as much as getting a new patient. And our Reactivation Program is done for you, so you and your staff can focus on making money.

Practice Efficiency Tools

SmartBox’s New Patient Assistant™ is a “chatbot” that handles routine inquiries on your website and frees up your front office staff’s time. And our innovative PracticeHQ™ Marketing Dashboard is the ultimate in transparent, easy-to-understand real-time marketing performance monitors.

Now You Know

The short version is this: SmartBox does far more than dental marketing, and your can benefit in terms of practice growth however you define it.

Find out what’s possible for your practice. Schedule a Roadmap call. For your investment of time – about what you need to place a single crown or an implant – we’ll take a deep dive into your practice goals, the competitive forces at play in your market, and how you can reach your goals.

Following the call, you’ll receive your completely personalized Roadmap to your practice’s future!

So now you know what the “whut?”is all about... and what the “whut” can do for you. Schedule your call today!  


Written by Smartbox

SmartBox employs the best minds in dentistry to help you grow your practice. Our Practice Growth System™ is proven to help dentists in every market area across the country achieve predictable year-over-year growth.

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