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Dental patients aren’t the only ones who often fear pain. Dentists themselves are right up there on the pain scale. The reason, of course, is that they spend far too many hours hunched over the chair.

Even with the frequent advances in ergonomics, high-volume “treadmill” dentistry is a recipe for neck and back problems. By one recent estimate, 80 percent of dentists suffer pain in their necks and/or backs. Though estimates differ, they all skew toward the high end.

In fact, one study found that a preponderance of dental students with an average age of just 25.6 years experienced pain as a result of the awkward positioning involved with providing care. Keep in mind that these were young people; dentistry doesn’t get any easier on the body as you age, and the wear and tear is cumulative.

By seeing as many patients as possible each day, you’re accelerating the likelihood — the certainty — of developing lasting musculoskeletal problems.

Three points: 

1) This is RIDICULOUS. 

2) It doesn’t have to be this way.

3) Let’s change this.

SmartBox has a much better idea.

Work Less, Earn More, Enjoy Life

That’s not “hype.” It’s something that we help dentists achieve every day.

Dr. Mitchel Friedman of New Springs is a case in point. "Our case size was $2,500 per new patient,” he said. “Since SmartBox, it has quickly grown to now $5,400."

Think about that – Dr. Friedman can, if he wishes, see half as many patients and make slightly more than he was making before SmartBox. Of course, he didn’t cut back that far, so he’s working less and making considerably more.

That’s the kind of practice growth SmartBox makes happen for our doctors… but not the only kind. Take Dr. Michelle Haynes of Colorado.

Since we've been working with SmartBox," she says, "we actually have had a 30 percent or higher growth each year. We’ve been thrilled to see that we’re averaging about 20:1 with our return on investment with our marketing dollars spent. And it was even as high as 50:1, so that has been pretty exciting to see the overall growth that we’ve managed to accomplish."

And, of course, let’s not forget practice growth that comes from just getting more of the new patients you want in your chairs… like Dr. Michael Kirchner. “"We started at 45 [new patients], and then after we started with SmartBox, it immediately jumped up to 65-75. Last month we were over 107."

That might sound like “just more work,” but getting a steady stream of the new patients you want gives you options. Just as Dr. Travis Watson; shortly after signing with SmartBox, he brought on an associate and that’s worked out extremely well. “We should not have a hard time hitting $3 million,” he said, “even if I were to take a day off, honestly. Especially if we do the right kinds of cases and that's with SmartBox's help."

Let’s Bottom-Line This

You do not have to work yourself half to death and miss out on life to be successful.

Just schedule a Practice Growth Call to discover what we can do for your practice.

Your neck and your back will thank you. 


Written by Smartbox

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