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Marketing automation software helps companies streamline their email marketing while also defining their customer segments and managing their customer data.

In theory, it’s a huge step up from trying to handle all that manually. A recent article indicates that implementing marketing automation software poses two major challenges for larger companies, much less smaller dental practices.

The article notes that of the companies surveyed, nearly 60 percent took six month to get their software fully implemented. Another 17 percent took one year. The problem appears to be the complexity of the software and long learning curves. And that’s something that’s hard to evaluate from an online demo or a salesperson’s pitch.

If you’re a small practice in terms of number of employees, you likely don’t have the personnel available to take on the additional duties of mastering complex software.

But the real kicker is this: content marketing automation takes a ton of content to “feed the machine.” If you’re going to stay in front of your dental prospects until they’re ready to choose you, you’ll need to give them a stream of fresh, relevant content over time.

If you’re only trying to attract orthodontic cases, you might be able to create that content yourself. It will take a considerable time commitment and a knack for writing simple, clear, informative, and engaging copy. And, while you’re creating that content, you’re not seeing patients and making money. Or, you’re not engaging in the rest of your life: family, friends, pastimes, hobbies, and vacations.

If you’re marketing to two, three, four or even more patient segments, trying to feed the machine is a daunting, if not hopeless, task for a solo dentist.

If you’ve been following this blog or our Patient Attraction Podcast™ series, you know that SmartBox is very big on Infusionsoft® drip marketing for dentists. We provide Infusionsoft services for our clients, managing their marketing automation so that dentists don’t have to take time away from patients to learn a how to implement and use a software program.

Just as important, our team of dedicated writers creates the content streams for the various patient segments.  

The result is that our dentists can get back to seeing patients and making money. And given the results of our internal data analysis, they have plenty of opportunities to do just that.

We compiled all the new patient phone calls for every one of our Elite level dentists for the first quarter of 2016. We actually listened to the recorded calls, so we could weed out existing patients.

On average, those dentists got 110 new patient phone calls a month.

How would you like to get those results? If you converted a relatively low 80 percent of those calls into appointments, you’d be looking at over a thousand new dental patients a year

For many dentists, that’s “double your practice or better” growth, and that’s what SmartBox offers.

Are you ready to fast-track your success? Are you ready for more patients, more profits, and more freedom?

If so, a Patient Attraction System Blueprint™ Session is for you. You’ll find the link to schedule your Blueprint Session on almost every page of our website, or you can go to https://smartboxdental.com/blueprint.

You can experience “double your practice” growth, or better.

And you won’t have to spend time trying to learn complicated automation software or produce an unending stream of content. You can get back to the business of changing people’s lives and being paid well to do it.


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