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Since you’ve been in dentistry a while, you may have forgotten what it’s like for the rest of the world.

But to most people, one dentist is just the same as another.

That’s why you MUST market if you want to attract more and better patients.

So the first thing you have to do is BE INDEPENDENT.

That means stepping out of the herd and going a different way. If everyone else in your market talks about how gentle they are, are you going to stand out by saying you’re gentle, too? No, of course not.

Instead, highlight your no-wait policy, extended hours, or advanced technology.

Obviously don’t promote claims you can’t support.

But if you have something that sets you apart, let the public know.

Second, look to SHAKE THINGS UP.

This may mean partnering with an orthodontist or endodontist to come into your practice once or twice a week to expand your services.

Or you can use CE hours to learn a new skill or technique, offer a new procedure, or learn to use new equipment. Then tell people about it.


If you’ve had the same website for five years, it’s time to update.

If you’ve used the same logo and signage since you opened your practice, it may be time to look at that, too. Trends change with time. What once was modern and attractive is now old and dated.


Even if you do niche dentistry, appeal to the broadest market possible.

If you are a GP, you need to be marketing to families from the youngest child to the great-great-grandmother.

If you only want to see professional women ages 30-40, you’re going to have to spend an awful lot of money to capture such a narrow market.


There are many ways you can do this:

  • Address your patients’ needs instead of what you offer
  • Provide useful information BEFORE they become your patient
  • And the best way is to use video.


This means putting your marketing message where people are looking. In the 21st century, that means on the web.

In the age of smartphones and 24/7 Internet access, when was the last time you looked in a phone book for information?

Research shows that 85 percent of customers are looking for local businesses online.

The number 7 way to enhance your marketing is to THINK LONG-TERM.

Forget coupons (short-term).

Build relationships through email marketing (longer-term).

Forget gimmicks (short-term).

Provide information through content (long-term).

If you use specials and discounts to bring in patients, they’ll leave you the next time somebody offers a better special or discount.


Address what is important to them, not what is important to you. Prospects don’t care if you use digital X-rays. They do care that they are exposed to less radiation.

So don’t market your digital X-ray machine. Market that you can expose them to 90 percent less radiation.

Finally, ACT NOW.

Start small, but start. Start slow, but start. Whatever you do, start.


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