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This article featured in the winter 2011 publication of The Profitable Dentist.

We've all encountered 'Me Too' businesses; those organizations that really have nothing new to offer, except perhaps a cheaper price. Unfortunately in the eyes of many patients, many dental practices in our country today do simply stick to this 'Me Too' mindset, preventing them from standing out from a competitive crowd. Breaking out into something completely may not be easy, but it is certainly possible. It all starts by recognizing exactly what it is you need to say.

Your Own Unique Message

The key to successfully marketing your business is by having a unique story that a customer has never heard before. Look around at other organizations operating in the same marketplace, and perhaps in the same local area - can you offer anything that they can't? What makes you better? Why should a prospective patient come to you instead of your rival? If you can answer these questions honestly and effectively then your unique message is already starting to come together.

Clarity and Repetition

You might have a unique message in mind, but saying it well is another matter entirely. Learning to craft successful copy is something of an art form, encompassing the effective use of headings and risk-free offers. You will also need to consider how often you place your message before the eyes of your target audience. Repeating your unique message can help you to establish a successful brand.

Developing Your Own Unique Selling Point

It might be tempting to jump straight in to your marketing campaign, but before starting or investing any money you should consider the development of your Unique Selling Point (USP). The best way to develop this USP is by asking yourself a set of questions about yourself, your audience and your rivals:

Consider your audience: What do your prospective patients actually need and want? Why would your audience be frustrated with their previous experiences?
Consider your competition: What do your rivals offer?
Consider yourself: Are there any unique services or a unique atmosphere that you can create?

Spend a lot of time developing your USP. It is very important that you (and your prospects) realize that you do have something really beneficial to say. If you can't convince yourself that a patient would be better off coming to you instead of your competition, then how do you expect to convince them?

If you want to stand out from the crowd and become something other than a 'Me Too' business, then you will need to figure out your USP.

Put yourself into the shoes of your prospective patients. What can you see in your own organization that makes it unique? Once you can identify these characteristics you will be well placed to launch some successful marketing campaigns. Give us a call to get started on crafting your unique marketing message.


Written by rcarroll