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Did you know that pay-per-click advertising can be targeted exclusively to people who have visited your website?

These are people who have already demonstrated an interest in your products and services, and the process of showing them ads from a site they have already visited is called “retargeting.”

Most first-time visitors to a website leave without setting an appointment. One visit to your website is usually not enough to close the deal.

A PPC retargeting campaign lets you segment past site visitors and deliver relevant ads based on the actions people have taken on your site. On paper this sounds great, right? This seems like it would be a really good deal.

After all, these are people who have already demonstrated an interest in your products and services.

In a way, it is even like drip marketing in that it keeps your name in front of them.

But my verdict is: Don’t believe the hype.

First, you’d better have a dynamic PPC ad campaign to get noticed among the myriad other ads people are flooded with. The average person is served more than 1,700 banner ads per month. You are more likely to survive a plane crash (statistically) than to click through on a banner ad.

Second, online ads are notoriously unreliable.

An “average” display ad campaign will generally get a click-through rate of .05%-0.1%. That’s right, for every 1,000 times an ad pops up, someone clicks it once.

Retargeting is FAR more successful – twice as successful on average at about 0.2%. That is still only 2 clicks for every 1,000 impressions. Those numbers are hardly overwhelming.

So like with most other things, there may be a place for retargeted PPC ads in your marketing campaign, but it is a very small place.

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On another note...
Easter is this Sunday. I hope the Easter Bunny brings all the families in your community lots of sweets to drive up business.

From my family to yours, keep moving forward.


Written by rcarroll