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Last year, a company called Millward Brown looked at multiscreen activity in 30 countries, including the U.S. There are some really interesting statistics that have a lot of implications for your practice marketing.

In fact, if you don’t pay attention  and adapt to these trends, you may find yourself on the wrong side of history.

For instance, U.S. daily Smartphone use now exceeds TV use. That’s no surprise to me, as I use my Smartphone voraciously and rarely watch television.

In the U.S., the average person watches 147 minutes of television and spends 151 minutes on his Smartphone. That same person also looks at his laptop 103 minutes per day and his tablet 43 minutes per day.

Here are a couple of other interesting statistics:

Forty-one percent of the TV audience was simultaneously using a mobile device (tablet or Smartphone). Of that 41 percent, 70 percent were looking at unrelated content. The other 30 percent were exploring related content or taking some action tied to the content or advertising on TV.

So here’s how behind the times advertising is – even though people spend more times on their mobile devices, including using their mobile device while watching TV:

  • 59 percent of US media spending is on TV for only 33 percent of the viewing time.
  • 11 percent of US media spending is on mobile ad spending for 44 percent of the viewing time.
  • 30 percent goes to laptop spending for 23 percent of the viewing time.
  • That may be because 68 percent of people report paying at least some attention to TV ads.
  • Between 41 and 46 percent of people pay attention to ads on their laptop or mobile device.

This data indicates a couple of things to me: If you are running television ads, be sure to include your website information. People seeing your commercial may immediately look you up online.

Dental practices MUST, MUST, MUST make sure their sites are dynamic to work on all devices. If you have an older website that has not been redesigned and updated to do so, you are behind the times. Mobile use is only going to increase. And if potential patients can’t view YOUR site on their Smartphone or tablet, they’ll go to ANOTHER dentist’s website.

Those patients are almost certainly lost to you.

It can be tough to keep up with all the changing trends in technology when you’re trying to run a business.  Online is probably the fastest-evolving area of human endeavor right now, and there are no signs that it’ll slow down anytime soon. in fact, it seems likely that “the rate of change of the rate of change” will continue to change--upward.

Many dental practices are using outside providers to manage their Web presence, and that’s a really good idea for most. Just make sure that the provider actually delivers what they promise, and that what they promise is actually what you need.

Of course, a firm that can provide those services AND optimize your practice marketing for maximum results is by far the preferred choice.

If you don’t keep up, you’ll get left behind. It’s that simple, Practices that ignore this fact are going to find themselves on the wrong side of history.


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