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In the world of patient attraction, taking the long view is the way to win.

Think of those dentists you know who can’t see past today. They’re so worried about collections for this month and doing everything they can in their power to increase them, they have no attention left for thinking about next month... or the next.

Dentists like that are stuck on a hamster wheel that never stops. Because just when they manage to get through this month, the next month shows up and they get to do it all over again.

If you want to attract the patients you want, you need to take a different view. You need to take a longer view than the average dentist takes. The reason you do that is because the actions you take will be materially different than the dentist who is completely consumed only with what’s going on this month.

The Patients You Got Today Are the Result of Actions You Took At Some Point in the Past

That’s a pretty obvious statement to make now isn’t it? But just think about that. The last patient you treated showed up in your office because of some action you took at some point in the past.

So if you want to start changing the type of patients you are going to get next month or next year... and if you want to start changing the profitability of those patients that are coming, then the changes you make have to be done now.

But here’s the problem...

If you’re currently attracting patients right now just by doing some advertising and then waiting to see who comes through the door, it’s going to be hard to know what to do to improve your results.

So the first step to becoming the preeminent dentist in your area is to actually have a system that can methodically walk you towards that result.

Why do I talk so much about systems? Almost every blog post I make focuses, in some way, on the importance of systems. Why do I beat this drum like there’s nothing else to do?

Here’s the reason...

A Well Thought Out and Well Executed Marketing System That Attracts Patients You Want Is the ONLY Way Out of the Hamster Wheel... It’s the O-N-L-Y Way

Unfortunately, most dentists do not and will not ever have a system like this. And because of that, “attracting patients” is something they’ll be trying to figure out as they go, much like that dentist who is solely focused on this month’s collections.

Short term thinking, low leverage acting and hard work is not a recipe for success in patient attraction.

Plus it’ll burn you out faster than just about anything.

I know.

So here’s where we get to the really good part.

Right now, the way most dentists attract patients is by using a “leverage ratio” of basically 1 to 1. That means the dentist takes action through some form of advertising and then sees results that come in because of that advertising.

Systems Send Your Leverage Ratio Through the Roof

Dentists who invest in attracting patients instead of investing in a system that attracts patients are pretty much doomed to very low leverage patient attraction.

You do something, you get patients, you do something else, you get more patients. As long as you do something, you keep getting patients. But the moment you take your eye off the ball, or for goodness sake, actually decide to take a vacation, things all grind to a halt.

A system is leverage. You invest one unit of action and you get 10 units of result. Or even 100 or 1000 units. Leverage is the key. That’s what Archimedes discovered a long time ago. Remember his quote?

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.”

When you invest in building a system that attracts patients, that’s what you pay attention to: the lever. It delivers results that far outweigh the size of your investment required to get those results.

But more importantly, having a patient attraction system allows you to study, tweak and improve those results over time. So instead of just jumping on the marketing hamster wheel like most dentists do to attract patients in the short term, you work on your system. And over time, the effectiveness of your system improves.

It’s really a beautiful thing to witness. I know, because I see it happen in the practices of my clients to attract more and better patients over time.

Are you ready to take the long view with your practice marketing and get off the hamster wheel? Give me a call. I’ll show what’s possible using the leverage of a well thought patient attraction system.


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