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  • Are your prospects actually scrolling down your page or are they stuck at the top?
  • Are they looking on the right side of your site where your newsletter and free report are?
  • Are they clicking play and watching your videos?
  • Is your contact information in an area that their eyes naturally and frequently look at?
  • Do they see your Facebook page?
  • Are they reading your patient reviews?

The truth is, Google Analytics is OK but it doesn't tell the whole story (not even close).

With Google Analytics you can see what pages your prospects view, where they come from, how long they were on your dental website, among many other metrics. But it's what you can't see that is costing you time, money, and patients.

Where on your dental website are your patients looking?

In order for your patients to take any action on your website (call you, email, opt-in, watch video, download pdf, etc) they have to physically find it with their eyes first. They can't click on what they aren't looking at - Agreed?

Once they find it with their eyes, then they could take action. But to have this choice they have to first see it! I know this seems very elementary, but bear with me...

If your website is not sending you new patients, the problem might be easier to fix than you think.

Our Advanced Analytics software can give you invaluable insights into why your patients take (or don't take) certain actions on your dental website.

Google itself conducted a research study on the link between your mouse and eye movements back in 2007, and found they could predict where a user was looking based on the movement of their mouse, and in some cases predict where they were going to click.

Another study by Lynn Cooke found a 69% correlation between mouse and eye movements.

There have been dozens of other studies done, such as this one from Carnegie Mellon University:

Of the regions that a mouse cursor visited, 84% of them were also visited by an eye gaze. Furthermore, among the regions that the eye gaze didn't visit, 88% of them were not visited by the mouse cursor, either.

After all this research (including their own) it's a true surprise that Google has not yet integrated heatmapping and click-tracking into their flagship Google Analytics product.

Just FYI, we give away this software to our dentist clients with every dental website we build...

This heatmapping of our Contact page shows hundreds of visitors clicking in the middle of a paragraph - not on any links or buttons... just random clicks.

Any thoughts why? Please post your reply below!!

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Written by rcarroll