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There’s a storm coming, and dental practices aren’t prepared for a tempest of this magnitude. Most dental practices will be caught flat-footed. If yours is one of the uninformed, unprepared practices, everything you’ve spent years building can be swept away.

Fortunately, you have some advance warning thanks to my new, groundbreaking book.

The Four Horsemen of Dentistry: Survival Strategies
for the Dental Practice Under Siege
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Your practice might have weathered the Great Recession of 2009 in decent shape. If so, congratulations! But what worked for you then won’t work for you now. The Four Horsemen of Dentistry represent a coming-together of enormous economic forces that will work to reinforce each other. As it stands, your practice might withstand one, or possibly two, of these forces, but not all of them.

The Four Horsemen are:


  • Corporate dentistry, which will drive down your margins and steal your dental prospects. If corporate dentistry isn’t in your market yet, it will be.
  • New dental school graduates, who will fuel the corporate machine until they open their own new practices. They’re young, they’re energetic, they’re internet-savvy, and they’re hungry.
  • Declining insurance reimbursements, which will shift ever-more of the financial burden for dental services to patients. Your prospects will be looking for the cheapest solution for their dental problems.
  • Economic uncertainty, which will cause a general contraction in spending on dental services as people save against the possibility of involuntary unemployment.


You might think that not all of these forces will impact your practice. You’d be wrong.

The in-depth analysis in this book will show you how no dental practice will be immune to what’s coming… unless you learn and implement the secret to laughing in the face of the storm.

You Need This Book!

What you’ll learn:


  • Why dental practices have never seen a storm like this one.
  • How a multi-pronged threat will endanger your practice.
  • Why your new patient stream will dry up.
  • How your current marketing efforts will become irrelevant.
  • Why you need the solution detailed in this book to not only survive, but thrive in the face of extreme adversity.


Don’t let your livelihood be destroyed. You owe it to yourself, your family, your staff, and your patients to read this book.

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the survival manual for dental practices!
The Four Horsemen of Dentistry are coming. Will your dental practice be ready?

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