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It’s funny how the “accepted” way of doing things becomes something of a rut that most everybody dutifully falls into. Of course, there are usually incremental gains, but the basic premise behind the accepted remains the same.

Dentistry isn’t immune to falling into a same-old, same-old pattern. But one area where it’s particularly prevalent is in the area of dental marketing. For no good reason, beside the fact that it’s what competitors do, dentists insist on marketing based on low price, discounts, specials, and insurance acceptance.

The predictable result is that dentists mainly attract price- and insurance-conscious patients that aren’t interested in anything other than the bare minimum of care. Far too many of those patients are one-offs, leaving dentists to continually spend marketing dollars to replace them.

Fortunately, the accepted only holds sway until someone finds a better way.

It’s Time To Climb Out Of That Rut

Hundreds of dentists on three continents have discovered the power of a systematic approach to promoting their practices. The goal of systematic dental marketing is not only to increase the number of new patients, but also to attract more patients that represent higher case value.

When your average case value goes up, you’re looking at the prospect of freedom from “treadmill dentistry.” You have the choice of continuing to see large numbers of patients or to work less while earning more than you did previously.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with either approach. Higher case value times more patients equals a lot more money. If that’s your primary interest, then have at it. But your family and social lives will likely suffer somewhat.

Working less while earning more represents the kind of freedom that most dentists only dream about. Imagine putting in just three days a week in the office doing only the cases you love to do.

A pipedream? Not at all. There’s a SmartBox-affiliated dentist who’s created exactly that situation for himself. Not only does he work just three days a week, he’s out of the office by 3pm most days.

That dentist is Dr. Ron Receveur of New Albany Implants in Indiana. Dr. Ron used to be a general dentist, but he decided that he didn’t want to play by the old rules any more. He found the way to transform his practice in the premier implant destination in the Midwest. Patients come from all over the country and even overseas to have him do their implants.

He still has a general practice side, and he’s hired two associates to handle that patient load. It seems that being regarded as The Expert in one area has a halo effect on business in general.

And business is booming. Dr. Ron increased his annual collections from $1.8 million to $3.4 million in just four years, and he’s on track to realize $6 million in 2019.

What Dr. Ron did, you can do. He’s offering to teach you how – while helping you avoid all the costly mistakes he made along the way – in his Dental Practice Transformation Seminar, May 1-2, Nashville, TN.

Transform your practice, and your future, into what you always dreamed it would be.



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