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The three previous article in this series have outlined the challenges faced by dental practice owners – increased competition for new patients; the rise of dental service organizations (DSOs); private equity-fueled practice acquisitions; corporate dentistry; and declining dental insurance reimbursements.

In the final three articles in this series, we’ll look at some tactics and approaches that practice owners can take to thrive despite this extremely challenging situation.

The Middle Road May Be Best

Private dental practices can generate some economies of scale on their own. Where feasible, consider co-locating with other health service providers or even specialty dental practices. You can realize a marked decrease in rent and some operating costs while retaining complete autonomy.

Another option for general practice dentists is to evolve into a more specialized practice. While this isn’t something to be undertaken lightly, it is quite possible. In fact, there’s even a workshop that will teach you how to transform your practice for success!

Introducing Dr. Ron Receveur

Dr. Ron used to be “just another dentist.” Perhaps like you, he did okay, and he got by. But he saw the writing on the wall thanks to a trusted consultant who told him that he was going to have to compete with corporate dentistry.

Ron disagreed and decided to position himself in such a way that the rise of corporate dentistry was irrelevant to his success. After a number of years, during which he spent a lot of money following blind alleys, he succeeded.

Today, Ron Receveur’s practice is probably the foremost destination in the Midwest for dental implant patients. On 2017, he worked just 119 days and was usually out of the office by 3PM. He earns roughly five times what a GP dentist does handling only the cases he loves to do – implant consultations and implants.

You can learn how to do for your practice what Dr. Receveur did for his – without all the missteps and misfires along the way – when you attend his


Dental Practice Transformation Seminar

May 16-17, 2019, Nashville, TN


Here’s just some of what you’ll learn at this groundbreaking event:

  • Why a renegade attitude is your path to freedom. 
  • How to avoid the missteps that cost Dr. Ron a bundle!How to become THE Expert in your niche and market area. 
  • How to market to attract the patients you want
  • How you can handle ONLY the cases you want. 
  • Why charging $300-$500 for a consult beats “free consults” EVERY time. 
  • How to overcome every objection from your patients before they occur. 
  • Why you must dominate the “high ground” in your market. 

It doesn’t matter what specialty you’d like to embrace. The principles and practices you’ll learn from Dr. Ron will help you achieve that goal.

For more information about the Dental Practice Transformation Seminar, contact Lora Mindel by emailing loram@smartboxdental.com or call her at (502) 305-1334.

Change is coming to dentistry, and practice owners who don’t take immediate steps will likely find their livelihoods threatened. Don’t let that happen to you.


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