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20130924_124936_State StMy idea of fun is turning off all electronics and getting outside.

Quite the polar opposite of how I spend my days working.

Last week I was coerced...

...from my normal lunch routine into going to QDoba.

I'm a fan of the naked chicken burrito with extra habenero sauce, so it wasn't a hard decision.

But while I was there, I discovered something else...

The Coca-Cola Freestyle

Completely automated and touch-screen, it's loaded with 106 different combinations of drinks and flavors.

Vanilla Coke is my absolute favorite, probably from growing up around my family's drug store.

But then my mind started really turning...

Why would any business invest thousands of dollars a month into the latest gizmo?

Here's why:

  • It creates time for their employees to provide better service.
  • Since it is maintained by Coca-Cola, so there's no upkeep to worry about.
  • Less manual labor = less employees needed = more dollars in your pocket.
  • More choices for your customers is always good for your business.
  • It's unique & differentiates you from your competition with old equipment.

By embracing technology, QDoba has lowered their overhead, made their customers more very happy, and increased their productivity, all of which will result in more free time and more net profit for the owner to live their dream.

A sign of the times coming

How are you different?

What does your practice offer that your [potential] patients would want?

Are you keeping up with the times? If not, this is a good place to start.

Change is always hard, for the gravitational pull of complacency has immense power.


Written by rcarroll

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