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What’s the difference between a heart surgeon and a used car salesmen?

The first key is TRUST. People trust heart surgeons; they don’t trust used car salesmen.

The second key is the amount of PAIN that the client is in. The more pain, the more valuable the solution and relief of that pain becomes.

Not having a dependable car might be inconvenient or even downright annoying, but it’s not exactly painful.

In the dental world, your potential clients are actually experiencing pain. Sometimes that pain is physical, which is something you see often. But often times, that pain extends far deeper than the physical body and is centered around things like embarrassment, or shame, or a lack of confidence due to some dental issue.

So with the patients you treat, there is pain. That leaves us with the other key: TRUST.

People inherently trust heart surgeons for a number of reasons. First of all, they’ve been trained to.

Second, there aren’t a ton of them hanging around on the street corner. So they are in great demand.

In the dental world, the whole trust issue gets just a little bit more complicated.

Most everyone has been to a dentist they didn’t like at one time or another. Whether it was the work they had to have done, or maybe even the skill of the dentist, everyone can come up with a story that damages the trust someone has in their dentist.

And in comparison to heart surgeons, there are a lot more dentists available. So if you’re going to build up trust with prospective patients so they come to view you as the only logical solution to the problems they are facing, you have to be smart about it. And you have to open what I refer to as a “trust” bank account.

This is an account that exists in the mind of your prospective patient where they keep track of how valuable you are to them. Over time, you put deposits into this account and allow compound interest to do the rest. And with that, we’ve come to what truly is the secret to patient attraction done right.

It’s the very same secret that makes compound interest work in the financial world. That secret is... TIME.

Unlike what so many of the internet gurus are selling, you can’t build trust in just a few minutes by sending someone a crafty email. It’s just not going to happen.

Trust is too valuable. And valuable things are valuable because the demand for them exceeds the supply of them. That’s why you build a patient attraction system that builds trust for you, slowly, over time.

Do this right and eventually, your prospective patients will have to choose you. Because no one else will have invested as much into them as you have. No other dentist will have added so much value to their lives. And no other dentist will have completely set himself apart from all of the prospective patient’s other options.

It’s a beautiful thing to see this happen. Because what that means is those patients you used to get who always asked, “Does insurance cover this?” will instead be saying things like, “We really want to work with you... even if we have to wait. We are just glad you were able to fit us in.”

So, making regular deposits in your patients’ trust accounts OVER TIME is key for building a patient base that stays, pays, and refers.


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