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Last year, periodontitis made news of historical proportions. In case you didn’t see it, here’s the story:

Back in 1991, two tourists found a frozen body in a glacier in the Eastern Alps. Turns out it was the mummified remains of a 5,300-year-old man who had been shot with an arrow and finished off with a blow to the head.

Scientists call this guy Oetzi, or the Tyrolean Iceman. They sequenced the guy’s DNA, and they found some non-human DNA. Turns out it was bacteria that cause periodontitis. What’s interesting is that this DNA was found in a piece of hipbone, meaning the bacteria had spread from his mouth.

So, how can this 5,300-year-old dude help you attract patients today?

There are probably a lot of ideas, but here is one that you could have done the second you saw the story: You could have written a blog and/or press release or produced a video about how gum disease has been a problem as far back as we can check for it!

Gum disease is a big problem.  Some people say it is even an epidemic. This would have been a good way to insert your comments about periodontal disease into a current news story. That would have potentially paid big dividends for your SEO.

So keep abreast of the current news. Anything – scientific, medical, cultural or financial  – that relates to your practice is an opportunity for you to get your name and expertise in front of prospective patients. Doing so doesn’t have to be an ordeal, though.

When you do decide to address the topic-of-the-day, whether via a blog post, website article, or video, remember who you’re talking to: patients. Tone down the jargon, use small words when you can, and don’t overwhelm your reader or viewer with information. That’s a sure turn-off and tune-out.

Research indicates that average online reader spends one minute on a web page. You have that much time to grab their attention, pique their interest, and leave them with useful information and a positive impression of you and your dental practice.

Use this same principle with local news stories that provide an opportunity to weigh in. You’re marketing to your community, after all, so local interest is what you want. Email is a very good method of informing your customer base and prospective patients. Focusing on something topical will add interest. And just as with your website, you have a very short time to grab your readers’ attention. The subject line of your email has to accomplish that, or your audience simply won’t open the email.

I often talk about the fact that certain aspects of marketing a dental practice are best left to the people who specialize in that. This is one area where you can easily do it yourself.

Of course, if you have neither the time nor the inclination to take advantage of this opportunity, you can always outsource responding to current, relevant developments. One caveat, though: your niece, nephew or neighbor may have a flair for creative writing. They may not have a flair for writing marketing pieces to promote your image and your practice.


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