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It’s said that numbers don’t lie. In my experience, though, they can certainly obscure the truth at a time when you need it most.

Take your dental marketing, for instance. You almost certainly run a P&L monthly, which is your indication of the kind of return you’re getting for the dollars you lay out. And you probably have a quarterly balance sheet, and a mid-fiscal year reconciliation, and of course an end-of year report.

That’s great, but how many opportunities are lost in between those accountings? Lost because all you have are the TOTALS of your return on marketing investment. There’s nothing that tells you what’s working and what’s not; what’s providing bang for your buck and what’s fizzled.

What’s missing from your balance sheet equation is the ability to track each expenditure and pair it with return, on a near real-time basis. Those opportunities to adjust your tactics and expenditures to maximize your ROI, get more and better patients, and grow your practice and your profitability are lost.

Without that ability to drill down to what’s working, your practice may be facing “math-ive” destruction. The vast majority of dentists don’t have unlimited resources to throw at marketing. If yours isn’t working, your balance sheet will look progressively worse.

That’s why we offer SmartBox clients our exclusive Zetetics®  Phone Tracking service. Using automatically generated alternate phone numbers that forward to your office phone, a database tracks where that contact originated – from your website, an ad, an email, a brochure, a billboard, and so on.

And, those calls are also recorded and stored, so that you can play them back and learn how well your staff is doing at converting callers to patients.

The ability to track what parts of your marketing are working is a central part of a systems-based approach. Without it, you’re guessing as to what’s working, or going by the feelings of your staff. And feelings aren’t the best basis for making practice-growth investment decisions.

SmartBox Web Marketing offers the full array of web-based marketing tactics, and more. We’ll even train you and your staff on dental marketing. Everything we do is focused toward a single goal: to help dentists succeed, whether their definition of success is more patients, more large cases, market dominance, more free time, expansion, or any combination of those.

If you’re unhappy with what you’re paying to market your practice versus the results you’re getting, do yourself a favor and check out this offer.

That will schedule a time to talk to me for a phone call that can change the future of your dental practice.

This is what I call a Patient Attraction System Blueprint™ Session. I offer this opportunity only to serious dentists who would like to see what an online patient attraction system that can generate “double your practice” kind of growth actually looks like.

This session doesn’t cost money, but it definitely isn’t “free.” You pay in the form of preparation. Once your session is scheduled and confirmed, you’ll be notified about what information to prepare before we speak. That’s information I need to know about your practice and where you’d like to take it in the next several years.

We’ve been helping dentists attract more and better patients, increase their profitability, and free up time to handle the cases they love for quite a few years now. Click the link above and discover what SmartBox Web Marketing can do for you.



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