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At SmartBox Web Marketing, we are big believers in the power of video. We recommend it to all of our clients, and we have our own in-house digital storytelling team.

For our clients, we usually recommend videos of a few minutes for both doctors and their staff, and patient testimonials. After all, research shows that each minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.

But for now, let’s talk about videos that are a minute or less. Think about this: 30 seconds of video should be worth about 900,000 words. So a Vine video of only 6 seconds is worth 180,000 words.

If you are looking to add video to your website, here are some short video trends that you might look into:

  1. How-to videos.

This would be great for dentists to show basics like correct brushing and flossing technique. This also would be great if you offer take-home teeth whitening, so you can show patients how to correctly use their gel and trays.

  1. Silent movies.

This may sound retro, but it is actually very trendy. Shoot a short video that shows a day in the office for a member of your office team, for instance, with nothing but soothing background music.

This also could be done showing a procedure you want to highlight. This helps you avoid hearing the sounds that may scare away some patients. With an artistic eye and the right background music, this can be very effective.

  1. Interaction videos.

Have patients send you videos to post from your feed about their experience. You could also record them as mini-testimonials following a good visit. Video contests also would be a good way to interact with existing patients and reach new patients through them.

  1. Products as people.

This takes some technical know-how, but it is certainly a trendy video technique. People seem to love inanimate objects doing human things. Think nationally about Goldfish snack crackers or Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal commercials.

  1. Update videos.

You could shoot a quick 30-second comment on something you saw online or read in the local paper that day, and post it to your website, Facebook or video app network. This would be a great way for potential customers to get to know you, as well as potentially increasing your search results page ranking.

Being trendy isn’t always a good thing. But in this case, using your website and social media outlets to show a little personality will help you attract the patients YOU want.

One caveat – bad video, unless it’s a carefully considered ironic choice, is bad marketing. Yes, you can shoot a video on your Smartphone, but you just won’t get the production values that you can get with the right equipment. Think carefully about how you want to portray your practice and the impression you’ll leave with current and potential dental patients.

If you make any cute videos, send them to colin@smartboxdental.com, and we might include links to some of them in a future blog post.


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