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If you haven’t heard of Dr. David Moffet, you really should learn more about him. I think he’s a good example that many dentists could follow.

Dr. Moffet started a practice making $120K per year in a low-income suburb of Sydney, Australia, and grew it into a $3 million annual business. In fact, he sold his practice and now makes his living marketing a practice-enhancement plan. That’s a 2500 percent increase in collections, and I’m sure that qualifies as a success in just about everybody’s minds.

I think a lot of what he says makes sense. I’m not here to shill for his company nor am I paid to endorse his product, so I’m not going to tell you what he says.

But I am going to tell you a point he makes that I wholeheartedly agree with: Dentists must successfully differentiate themselves from their competitors.

If you’re like 99.9 percent of the dentists in this country, prospective patients can decide between you and at least one other practice. That means that you have to give them a clear reason to choose your practice. You have to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

This is what I like about what Dr. Moffet says. Dentists are not experts in business. So they end up seeing what their competitors are doing and DO THE SAME THING!

It’s like that old joke – ”Let’s all be different – same as me!”

The problem is, what most of the competition is doing isn’t working either. But dentists focus on what a SELECT FEW extremely successful dentists are doing and wonder why they aren’t getting the same results. It’s because your practice isn’t exactly the same as the highly successful practice whose marketing approach you’re trying to emulate, so you’re not seeing the monthly gains in new patients that you need.

Your marketing approach has to be unique to your practice, to the patients you want to attract, and to your market.

Here is where Dr. Moffet’s practice-management system intersects with my patient-attraction system.

The reason most dentists aren’t as successful as those exceptional few has little or nothing to do with

  • training
  • expertise
  • location
  • marketplace
  • talent

It has everything to do with differentiation.

The most successful dentists in this country have found a way to stand out from their competitors.

That may be that they found a highly profitable niche (the subject of a future blog).

Perhaps they are attracting more and better patients.

Or maybe, just to tease Dr. Moffet’s system a little, they treat patients differently than other dentists.

But the single-most important trait that separates the most successful dentists from everyone else is differentiation. Because if you’re not standing out, you’re lost in the crowd. And if your crowd consists of five, or ten, or fifty other practices, you’ll get an increasingly smaller share of new patients.

Don’t be different like everybody else. Differentiate yourself from your competitors based on what makes your practice unique.


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