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It’s never been true that “one size fits all.” Or that “this is the only [thing] you’ll ever need.” Or that you can take a blanket approach to promoting your dental practice.

Today’s internet is delivering an increasingly personalized experience, not static ads that are blindly delivered to searchers. Dentists who want to utilize this capability to the fullest have some work ahead of them.

How Many Revenue Streams Do You Have?

Unless yours is a very specialized practice, you offer a fairly large number of procedures. You can lump those procedures into various streams for accounting purposes, but the fact remains that the needs and desires of people with gum disease are very different from cosmetic dentistry or implant patients.

If your marketing doesn’t address the unique hopes, fears, and needs of all those different types of patients, your return on investment will be much lower than it could be. To address those concerns, you’ll need to create separate content streams and fine-tune your marketing to match. Frankly, that’s a lot to ask of an already busy dental practice.

Focus On Doing The Dentistry

You didn’t spend four long years in dental school to become a digital-age marketer. Even if you like that sort of thing and have a knack for it, you won’t be as proficient as someone who specializes in digital marketing. The “dos and don’ts” of online marketing are constantly changing. Staying current on those changes is close to a full-time job.

Integrating all that content into a coherent, strategic marketing approach, and maintaining that, is more than a full-time job. SmartBox has numerous people with very specialized skills who maintain our doctors’ Patient Attraction Systems®.

When you look at your hourly rate, it’s easy to see why it just just makes sense to outsource your marketing to a dentistry-savvy, comprehensive dental marketing firm. There are a lot of marketing firms in the country, but very few that genuinely understand dentistry and how best to influence dental prospects to choose a particular dentist over a competitor.

Discover What’s Possible For Your Practice

SmartBox helps more than 550 dentists on three continents get more and better dental patients. Our doctors have the freedom to work less, earn more, and enjoy life. Not only that, but they can practice the dentistry they want on their terms.

And their total involvement in their marketing is about an hour a month, if that. Otherwise, they’re free to focus on actually doing the dentistry with higher-value and more interesting cases.

If that sounds something you’d like to investigate further, all it takes is a simple phone call. Reserve your free, no-obligation Roadmap call. Invest about the amount of time it takes you to place a single crown or an implant in exchange for discovering the shape of your practice’s future success.

Following the call, you’ll receive your customized Roadmap, a guide to your future success. Use it however you like.

It’s a brave new internet world out there. SmartBox can help you make the most of it.


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SmartBox employs the best minds in dentistry to help you grow your practice. Our Practice Growth System™ is proven to help dentists in every market area across the country achieve predictable year-over-year growth.

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