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Here at SmartBox Web Marketing, we are big believers in drip marketing – both for our clients and for ourselves.

That means keeping your name in front of your prospects by regularly touching them with communication.

That could be emails, letters, postcards, faxes, fliers, and phone calls.

But “regularly” is a subjective number.

In our office, we try not to overwhelm prospects with so much information that it irritates them.

As you are probably aware, some of our competitors do NOT feel this same way. One of the other leaders in this field sends as many as five mailers PER DAY to some prospective clients.

Who do you think is paying for that? Ultimately, the existing clients.

You know who also pays?

You, when you have to look through all that garbage to see if anything resonates with you.

That’s both time and mental energy that you are wasting EVERY day looking through that stuff.

And it’s not just marketing material. You are hit up by:

  • practice-management systems
  • device companies
  • product companies
  • telephone trainers

That’s to say nothing of everyday distractions like TV, Twitter, Facebook, email, newsletters, etc.

You have to devote mental energy thinking about all of this stuff:

  • Could that device help your practice?
  • Could that trainer help you get more patients?
  • Should you start taking that insurance?


Most of that stuff is just crap!

It’s trying to motivate you to make a move that you’re not sure you need to make yet.

You only have so much time and mental focus. Devote them to the problems at hand.

Devote them to seeking out opportunities and seizing them.

Devote your time and mental focus to the issues that are important to YOU, not the newest thing that someone can put in front of your face.

Stop trying to keep up to date with everything.

If the information is really important to you, you’ll come across it while researching the issues that are important to you.

And choose a few people to pay attention to. Pick which podcasts and blogs you are going to follow, newsletters and publications you will read, and Facebook and Twitter feeds that matter to you.

Leave out all the rest.

In the meantime, we here at SmartBox will continue to keep you informed – drip by judiciously timed drip. We respect the demands on your time and attention, and we simply don’t operate like some of our competitors by trying to overwhelm you with “noise.”

We have a basic value proposition: We offer a proven patient attraction system that can get you more patients, more profits and more freedom.

We believe in giving away a lot of valuable information for free. We think that the dentists who have the inclination, ability and drive to implement a patient attraction system should certainly do so.

And for those who don’t have the inclination, we’ll continue to drip out reminders and helpful communications… quietly. We hope we won’t disturb you.


Written by Smartbox

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