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At SmartBox, we preach two things:

  1. Content marketing brings you more and better patients.
  2. Spending all day posting on Facebook and Twitter is a waste of your time.

Some research came out last year that validates both of those points. An SEO company called BrightEdge has this huge set of websites that it studies. The folks at BrightEdge released a report that showed the majority (51 percent) of traffic on the websites they review came from organic search.

This has caused a little bit of a stir among some online marketers – especially the ones who want you to pay them to set up pay per click and social media campaigns.

The idea that organic search still brings in more traffic than all other sources combined is a problem for those guys – but not us.

This validates another point: You want to dominate the first page of a Google search. The statistics behind this assertion are clear:

  • 91 percent of consumers search to find info on the web, with 52 percent doing so daily.
  • 93 percent begin on a search engine and 75 percent never make it past the first page.

So the idea that organic searches deliver people to your website is nothing new if you regularly read this blog..

The study looked at three other methods of delivering people to your website:

  • Other, which combined display, email and referred
  • Paid Search
  • Social

Other came in second at 34 percent. This also validates something we have preached: drip marketing. Keep your name in front of potential patients via email marketing, and eventually they will see what you are all about.

So organic and other combine for 85 percent of all web traffic.

Ten of the remaining 15 percent of traffic comes from paid search. This is actually a little surprising, given how low that number is, but that is not the most telling number from the report.

We recommend paid search to our clients not because of the number of click-throughs but because of the quality of the click. If someone clicks on a paid online search, they are a hotter prospect on average.

The report backs that up, showing that paid search drives a disproportionately high share of REVENUE compared to the number of leads.

Finally, bringing up the rear, is social media. Only 5 percent of website traffic originates from social media. We tell our clients not to waste their time dumping a bunch of time and money into social media.

In the current days of Internet marketing, we are swimming against the current on this one. There are plenty of companies that focus ONLY on social media marketing. Some of our big competitors are more than happy to take your money in exchange for “organic” social media marketing.

That’s like stealing.

Patients are not looking for a dentist on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. So the ROI for you or a member of your staff spend hours a day posting and following and liking and sharing just isn’t high enough to be worth your time.


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