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It is no secret that cell phones have gotten a lot more sophisticated over just the last two years. SmartPhones are more powerful that computers were just a short time ago and web accessible phones are now the rage. The reason for their popularity has been the freedom they give people to Tweet, check emails and surf the web from anywhere.

We recognized some time ago that this was going to change the way internet marketing looked in the future. Your websites can no longer be static pages but they have to be interactive, friendly and, above all, mobile. The problem has been that regular web pages don't load or display well on those little screens which hurts you when it comes to conversions and getting you more business. Yet at the same time you want pages that are mobile friendly because that is where your existing and potential patients are looking.

We've spent a great deal of time and money adapting all of your websites to our new S.N.A.P. system (Simple Navigation and Personalization) giving you the ability to make quick and easy changes to your web content. Now we've also rolled out our new mobile marketing application which translates your web content to mobile ready pages with the click of a mouse. Now any time you update your website in S.N.A.P. you will automatically be creating pages that can be read on SmartPhones and WAP's (web accessible phones) as well. You will not have to hand generate mobile pages just for the legions of mobile users. It will be done for you.

This means you'll be reaching your patient base where they are at – "on the fly". New patients will also be able to find you on their mobile devices and have pages they can easily read from their cell phones. When someone does a search from their phone for "dentist, your town" you will be the dentist they see. Those that don't have this capability will be lost in a sea of small print, poor downloads and will therefore be instantly bypassed by mobile device users. You'll be beating the competition.

Times are changing quickly, and we strive to keep you and your practice up to date with those changes. SmartPhone usage will continue to grow (to over half of cell phone users by the end of this year alone) and technology will continue to adapt to customer demands. So will we.


Written by rcarroll

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