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One of the most effective site updates you can make to your site is to optimize unique meta tags for each page. Just as you might spend time identifying the most effective headline and description for your Adwords text-ads, choosing the right meta-title and description can improve your organic search click-through and conversion rate. In the example below, computer company Dell has optimized their meta title to focus on the variety of products the company offers, while providing a meta-description that targets each particular customer segment:

Providing a summary of your core brand messaging

Your choice of meta-tags plays an important role not only in determining your positioning in the search results, but also in establishing a message for your brand. The example above is designed to target the breadth of the company's offerings, as well as the nature of their product and service solutions for all technology users. Pay close attention to the keywords and overall flow of your meta-tags so that you convey a clear message of what your company stands for.

As a startup company, Mint.com had to brand itself as a free personal finance organizer. Through effectively targeting keywords such as "personal finance software" and "budget planning", the company crafted an identity for their online brand for new and existing customers. Whether you have a well known brand that you're looking to expand or need to craft a unique online identity, meta-tags are one of the most important sources to target relevant searches.


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