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Let’s do a little thought exercise:

Imagine all of the prospective patients that come to your website in a given month. Now imagine if you had to stand out in front of your office and talk to each one as they went by.

That would get tiring. You’d be saying the same thing over and over again. Answering the same questions. Calming the same fears. It would get really old, really fast.

That would be a zero leverage activity and something you probably wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy.

So just imagine if you could “clone yourself” and put a version of you out in front of your office instead. You could be inside treating the patients (aka actually making money) and the other “you” could be outside getting the patients.

Now imagine what it could be like if you repeated that process. You’re still inside the office doing what you do best and now you have TWO clones out front sifting and sorting through all of the people and picking out the patients to send inside.

This is the exact opportunity that is available to you online. When you can take various parts of “you” and package that up in some sort of published form (which could be written, video, or audio), then you’ve just created an asset.

It’s an asset that communicates part of your story to your prospective clients without you actually having to do it.

Create enough of these “assets” and you soon have a system that does a lot of sifting and sorting for you, just like the example I mentioned above.

The clients we work with are provided many of these “assets” so they can get right to it. But you can create them as well.

What sets you apart from the other dentists in your area?

What if you or your staff wrote that down, or put it in a video and made that available and put that on your website?

What if you sat down and came up with a long list of all of the potential reasons someone might NOT become your patient, and then created some of these “assets” that dealt with each of these issues in advance?

Doing this can form the foundation of a very effective patient attraction system.

Sadly, most dentists never go to this trouble. And because of that, they or their staff have to invest more time sifting and sorting prospective patients with more manual labor.

And, your website is most likely a fixed cost per month – in contrast to print ads that tap your financial resources every time they run. Your website is an expandable asset; you can add more videos or audio, more written differentiators between you and your competitors, without having to fork over more dollars for ad space.

Don’t go overboard – overwhelming the web visitor with choices is nearly as bad as not offering any.

You can and should track exactly how new patients find your office and decide to call for an appointment; that way, you know what’s working and what’s not. We offer our clients our exclusive Zetetics® phone tracking service to accomplish exactly that.



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