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Content is king in the current era of Google searches. Have great content and it will raise your ranking on Google search pages. Periodically refresh your content with different great content, and you’ll rise up the rankings even faster.

But where does this great content come from?

Well, most dentists hire someone to write the content of their web pages. This makes the most sense because docs are focused on their patients and their practice. Most of these writers do a good job of writing compelling, informative, original content.

But some are plagiarists, pure and simple.

Other times, sites are set up to automatically find content on particular subjects, copy the content and place it on another website. In the digital age, we call this “scraping,” and it is a big no-no.

Google is supposed to penalize sites that steal content word-for-word from other sites in search engine results. So make sure whoever is managing your site understands that scraping will not be tolerated.

If you find that you are a victim of scraping, especially if the scraper site outranks your site in a Google search, report it at bit.ly/scraperspamreport.



Written by rcarroll