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You've no doubt seen and heard about Google +1 and all the hype surrounding it, how they've launched a competing social media tool to Facebook. What the interesting thing they are now showing is they're now going global with it. They're showing how many people in your area are also clicking on the +1 that are in your regional area, they're close to you. This is the evolution of the internet; this is where things are going. I've been preaching now for a couple of years about location, location, location and this is the web 3.0 that I've been talking about that you're now seeing come around with these new location specific services with everything becoming very location oriented. Very social, very location; this is the new internet that you need to be competing in. Take a look; we've got some great articles on our site about how Google +1 will be affecting your dental practice. Take a look at them and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Written by rcarroll

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