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We've all heard it before, and you may even have said it before: 'Just send me some information.' It's almost a secret code where a prospective patient is gently informing you that they aren't interested at the moment. Obviously it is important to listen to and respect what the person you are talking to wants, but something probing just a little deeper could land you with a new patient.

Sending Unqualified Information

What would you do when a prospect asks for more information? Well send them some, surely? The majority of organizations would simply send out an email or letter informing the client of the services offered, making a note to follow up with that prospect at a later date. This can lead to long lists of 'potential' patients, many of whom may not be interested at all. How much time do you have to waste making phone calls to parties who may never have actually wanted the information that you sent to them?

Fortunately asking a simple question can help you to politely overcome this obstacle. Imagine the following conversation:

" Could you just send me some information?"

"Absolutely, I would be happy to email over our 100 page practice guide, however if I could just ask a couple of quick questions I could just send over the sections that you are interested in."

From the prospect's perspective you are simply being helpful and offering to make their life easier. In reality you are gathering some very useful information that allows you to send qualified information, specifically targeted to this customer's needs.

Asking the Right Questions

Remember, even using this method you will only have the opportunity to ask a couple of questions, so it might be a good idea to script three and five responses. The questions could be concerning specific services that you offer, or even related to what your prospect would want from you in an ideal world.

You won't have to spend long cold calling prospective patients before you receive a request for some information. By making sure you are prepared with the right questions to gently guide the direction of the conversation, you will then be able to send relevant details to the individual, greatly enhancing the chance that a follow up call will yield results.

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Written by rcarroll

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