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You’ve built a great practice – modern, comfortable, with the latest technology, and great patient communication tools. You make sure that anyone who finds your website knows these things. So why isn’t your bottom line reflecting that?

The short answer is this: the patients you want to attract don’t care about any of the things listed above. They want the answer to two simple questions: Can I trust you to take care of me? How are you going to help me and make my life better?

It Ain’t About You… It’s About Them

As a group, dentists suffer from something called the “we-we” problem. You likely don’t know it by that name, but you know it: “we” offer these services and “we” have this technology and “we” have these certifications and memberships.

Your prospects don’t care.

They care about what you’re going to for them. They care about getting out of pain, being able to smile without embarrassment, no longer suffering from chronic bad breath, being able to sleep soundly, or being able to eat the foods they love comfortably. 

All of your external practice growth efforts have to convey 1) how you’re going to accomplish their goals for them, and how their lives will be better because they chose you. Why? Because yours isn’t the only dental practice in your market that does those things or has that technology.

If your practice offers the same features and services as other practices, the only differentiators are price and availability. Those differentiators are unlikely to get you the patients you need to increase your average case value and grow your practice.

Practice Your “Stand-Out” Routine

Here’s a bold claim that’s been proven time and again: any dentist who focuses on communicating the solution and benefits to a patient’s dental issues will get more and better patients in their chairs. Better patients are those with the resources and ability to go fee-for-service for the dental procedures they want and/or need regardless of insurance coverage.

Those are the new patients that you need to grow your practice, your way. 

Have a look at your website. Does it need a revamp in terms its emphasis? Redoing a website is something that most dentists dread. The thing was a pain to get in place originally and it would take way too many hours to redo the entire website – not to mention your flyers, emails, social media, and every other external communication you make.

If you’re working with a marketing company, you might be able to count on them to refocus your practice growth efforts. Odds are you’ll need to oversee their efforts at the very least. Worst case, you’ll be heavily involved in coordinating efforts which is a complete waste of your time.

Yeah, We Do That

What’s described above is exactly what SmartBox does for our doctors every day. We help them get the patients they want so they can grow their practices their way.

Learn more about what SmartBox can do to help you grow your practice. Schedule a Practice Growth Call with Ashley Best. On anyone’s short list, she’s one of the top practice growth experts in the country.

You and she will discuss your goals, your competition, and what’s working and not in your current efforts. Following the call you’ll receive our Summary of Findings and your personalized Practice Growth Roadmap.

We’ll make all your practice growth efforts about your patients and their needs without taking up a large amount of your time. You’ll reap the rewards of a higher average case value and more of the cases you love to do. 


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