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Fact: Your dental website is a tool used to attract the patients that YOU want.

We talk to many dental office's have a #1 Google ranking, a beautiful mobile website, and done everything right, but their phone still isn't ringing...

My Advice: Don't look for Magic Bullets.

Instead, concentrate on:

1. The specific result you want to achieve

2. How you can improve the lives of your targeted prospective patients

3. What one specific action you want to motivate your targeted prospective patients to take

Getting people to visit your website won't make you money.

Increasing the sheer number of people who "visit" you online can not be expected to increase your bottom line.

The purpose of dental web marketing shouldn't be "to drive traffic to your website." It should be to get the prospective patient to DO something that is likely to result in you making money:

***Download our free book: How To Smile With Confidence and Eat The Foods You Love Again***

***Download our Book: How To Sleep Better, Snore Less, and Live a Higher Quality Life***

How does that become profitable for a dentist?

1. It builds an opt-in list of your prospective patients

2. While providing genuine value, the free book includes subtle, irresistible offers & upsells to your paid dental services

3. Within the book is another offer of something valuable for free - something that brings the prospective patient closer and closer to becoming a paying patient.

4. Educating your prospects sets you up as the Expert or Celebrity Dentist in your marketing area. You "wrote the book" on that.

"Check out the services we offer" is NOT a good enough call to action.

On the other hand, "Download your coupon for a $1 Initial Exam & X-Rays" might well be a compelling incentive.

Successful advertising solves the consumers problems.

Most dental websites fail because they're all about the dentist and what the dentist wants to sell (crowns, bridges, veneers, etc).

Make your prospective patient aware of how and where their problem can be solved.

Tell them what the first step to take towards improving their lives as a result of solving that problem.

True Solutions, not Tools.


Written by rcarroll

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