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SmartBox Web Marketing received quite a shock last year. It was both a shock and a wakeup call for us and for dentists everywhere.

We recorded and listened to every incoming call to all of our Elite level dentists’ practices for an entire quarter. We have a dedicated Call Quality Analyst Team who reviews and rates the interaction between phone answerers and prospects.

The results were not what we were expecting. Oh, our Elite dentists were rocking it when it came to new dental patients each month. But there were a great many more prospects who weren’t appointed. And the number of unanswered phone calls during business hours was appalling!

And yet, to a person, those Elite dentists swore their phone answerers walked on water when it came to appointing new patients.

You likely think that your phone answerers are doing a wonderful job. Not to take anything away from them – they’re undoubtedly great people doing the best they can – but they could do better. And SmartBox is providing the means for practice phone answerers to appoint many more new patients.

Forget Generic Phone Training Programs

Phone skills training programs are anything but “a dime a dozen.” Most of them are pretty pricey. And virtually none of them are designed for dental practices – they’re generic customer service training. That doesn’t cut it for dental practices. Your phone answerers are dealing with anxious, fearful, reluctant prospects who may be unwilling to admit their fear. Your phone answerers have to read between the lines to give those prospects what they need.

Your prospects may be embarrassed by the state of their mouths. Again, your phone answerers must be able to “read” that prospect and provide the reassurance they need without ever confronting the prospect.

Your prospects may adamantly maintain that price is the issue, when it’s hardly ever the real issue. Your phone answerers have to be able to ferret out the real objection and deal effectively with it.

And your phone answerers have to be able to take control of the call, move it along, and set the appointment,

Try getting all that from generic customer service phone training! Don’t waste your money.

Go Far Beyond Phone Training

SmartBox Web Marketing has developed a proprietary dental practice phone training and certification program precisely designed to help phone answerers appoint many more dental prospects.

Our Patient Attraction Phone Training™ & Certification program can get you an extra $64,000 a month!

That’s not an exaggeration. Our research indicates that dental practices, on average, fail to appoint 35 or more prospects each month. Depending on your average case value, that could easily represent $60,000 a month in lost revenue.

Our proprietary training program does more than train and certify your people. We provide several levels of Zetetics® phone tracking and Call Quality Analyst services to help identify undisclosed problems with your phone answerers skills’ and/or approach.

There are two ways that you can continue to lose money over the phone – do nothing, and lose new prospects every month, or choose a generic phone training program that doesn’t address dental practices’ unique challenges.

There’s one way that you can win, and keep on winning.

Go to www.FarBeyondPhoneTraining to learn more about the levels of phone training and certification that we offer to accommodate the needs of almost any size dental practice.

If your phone answerers aren’t appointing those prospects, one of your competitors’ is. Give your phone answerers the training they need, and stop losing money over the phone.


Written by Smartbox

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