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Are you one of the tens of thousands of dentists who are tired of the daily “slog?”

That’s the unending procession of routine exams, drill and fills, and case refusals by patients who aren’t invested in their dental health.

The day-in-and-day-out of treadmill dentistry wears on a body, literally and figuratively.

Dentistry shouldn’t be this way, and it doesn’t have to be.

On May 16th & 17th, you can learn how to transform your practice into the practice of your dreams. That’s not hype in any sense of the word. The Dental Practice Transformation Seminar is presented by Dr. Ron Receveur, a former GP dentist who transformed his practice into a premier dental implant practice in the Midwest.

Dr. Ron increased his revenues from $1.8 million to $3.6 million in just 4 years. And today, he works just three days a week, and he’s almost always out of the office by 3PM. He handles only the cases he loves to do – implant consults and implants – and his income is roughly five times that of the average GP.

He’ll show you how he did it and how you can transform your practice. Here’s a brass-tacks overview of the value you’ll receive.

The Dental Practice Transformation Seminar provides real-life examples and the specific techniques involved in turning an ordinary dental practice into an extraordinary one. Participants will be able to identify concrete stepping-stones to create a path forward for themselves to practice the dentistry they want on their terms.

Nuts And Bolts

When you attend Dr. Ron Receveur’s groundbreaking seminar, you’ll learn:

How to transition from insurance dependency and general practice – the fears, the steps, and the missteps

  • How to market to attract the patients you want
  • Why charging $300-$500 for a consult beats “free consults” EVERY time
  • How to become THE Expert in your niche and market area
  • How to train your staff and hire the RIGHT people (your “dream team”)
  • How to talk to the patients and close the BIG cases
  • How to overcome every objection from your patients before they occur
  • How to get 92% of your patients approved for financing for their treatment
  • The ONE place most dentists HEMORRHAGE money and don’t know it
  • Why you must and how to DOMINATE your market area
  • How to create and track your funnel so you know EVERY step is converting at the optimum level

Where & When

There is room for three more success-minded dentists to attend. You can be one of them.




May 16-17, 2019


Do You Really Want To Keep Doing What You’re Doing Now?

If you’re happy with working too hard for too long for too little, handling too many routine cases, this seminar is not for you. But if you’d like to “be like Ron,” this is your chance to make dentistry everything it’s supposed to be.

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta go for what you want, or you miss your chance. If you want to go, act now.


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