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Unless your dental practice is different than the vast majority of practices, what follows may be hard to hear.

You front desk is almost certainly costing you big bucks.

That’s not a claim to be made lightly. Almost without exception, dentists swear that their front desk staff walk on water when it comes to appointing new prospects. But the data that SmartBox has collected from our Elite level dentists indicate that rather than walking on water, most phone answerers are lucky not to sink.

Our data, compiled through recorded incoming phone calls to those practices and analyzed by our dedicated team of Call Quality Analysts, indicate that enormous numbers of phone calls simply aren’t answered during business hours. Many calls that are answered become hangups after being put on hold for too long.

The loss of revenue to those practices is huge.

Now, your dental practice may be exception to our findings, but how would you know?

Hopefully, you spend the vast majority of your time in an operatory solving patients’ dental problems. While you’re otherwise occupied, your phone answerers are winning some and losing some when it comes appointing new prospect callers.

Nobody bats a thousand, as the saying goes, but if your front desk is appointing fewer than 70 percent of new patient callers, your practice is missing a lot of revenue. Just as an example, if your practice receives 30 new patient calls a month, and your front desk is appointing 60 percent of those calls, you’ve missed 12 new dental patients. With an average case value of $1200, your practice is out $14,400 a month or nearly $173,000 a year.

Some Are Born to Answer Phones. Others…

Your front desk staff is undoubtedly composed friendly, helpful, caring people. But out of all the people answering phone in dental practices, a comparative handful are naturals when it comes to understanding the real objection behind the objection, taking control of the call, and moving the prospect to appointed patient at the perfect moment.

Everybody else just does the best they can. The problem is that their best is costing you a lot of money.

Let’s Stop the Bleeding

SmartBox has developed a proprietary, dental practice-specific, Patient Attraction Phone Training™ & Certification program. This program is designed to turn your phone answerers into new patient-appointing powerhouses.

We’ll train your front desk on everything from the greeting, to the inquiry, to dealing with objections, to call pacing, to setting the appointment. It’s a considered, thorough program that perfectly meets the unique needs of dental practices.

We offer two levels of phone training to meet the needs of almost any size business. And, we include mystery calls and Zetetics® call tracking, recording, and analysis to help detect and correct any repeated or ongoing difficulties with your phone answerers’ technique.

Invest Less Than One Month’s Lost Revenue

Stop bleeding money from your phones and appoint the prospects that you’re currently losing. For more information about SmartBox’s Patient Attraction Phone Training™ & Certification, visit www.FarBeyondPhoneTraining.com.


Written by Smartbox

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