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Return on investment (ROI) is a crucial factor in any dental practice’s success. Every marketing dollar invested has to return the maximum ROI to get dentists to their success goals.

However, measuring that return is a hit-or-miss proposition for most dentists. Research has shown that dental patients are very poor at recalling how they found your practice. That means that you can’t know with any certainty which parts of your marketing are returning a lot of new patients, and which parts aren’t. You’re throwing away money on marketing that’s not working or not working well enough.

And, you’re losing money by not doubling down on what is working to bring you new appointed patients.

Your Staff is Great, But…

If you’re tracking your ROI based on the recollections of your new patients, you’re working with flawed data. Even the best phone answerers are only as good as the answers they’re given.

Which brings up another point: in SmartBox’s experience, the vast majority of dentists believe their phone answerers are wonderful, never miss a call, and are geniuses at appointing new patients. You probably believe that, too.

There are a few problems with those beliefs.  We have the hard data to show that it’s the rare practice that answers all of its calls during business hours! You may find that hard to believe, but it’s true. Unless you have a bank of people answering your phones, some calls go unanswered as your staff is busy dealing with other callers. Some callers are put on hold and then hang up, which counts as a missed call. After-hours phone calls aren’t returned reliably, or efforts cease after one or two attempts.

Out of those missed calls, a certain percentage are new patients that you’re not going to get. You’ve wasted the marketing dollars that helped get them pick up the phone.

The situation gets even worse when you consider that, many times, an appointable patient isn’t appointed because of the phone answerer’s technique or approach. Those are patients you won’t get, representing money that you’ve wasted.

Waste Not, Want Not

Fortunately, SmartBox has a foolproof way of tracking our dentists’ marketing ROI: phone tracking.

We provide our dentists with our proprietary Zetetics® phone tracking service. Zetetics assigns a unique phone number to each part of your marketing. Calls to those numbers are automatically forwarded to your office phones. The source of each call, and the calls themselves, are recorded in an easy-to-access database.

Since dentists certainly don’t have time to listen to every call, our dedicated Call Review Team team listens to every dentist call, every month. Our reviewers note missed calls, calls that demonstrate particularly good phone technique, and calls where the answerer’s manner or technique left something to be desired.

With our approach, we can not only demonstrate our doctors’ marketing ROI, we can calculate what their ROI can be if problems with their phone answerers are addressed. And, we offer our proprietary Phone Training & Certification Program to help doctors’ staff appoint as many new patients as possible.

Many SmartBox dentists are seeing ROIs between 1700% and 4500%!

How does that compare with your ROI?

Guesswork is a Lousy Way to Run a Business

Stop wasting money on marketing that doesn’t bring you new patients. Stop throwing away your hard-earned dollars on qualified new patients who are never appointed. Stop the loss of revenue from your phone answerers.

For more information on Zetetics Phone Tracking, visit www.smartboxwebmarketing/zetetics today.


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