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Facebook has more than 700 million users, so it's a sure bet that everyone reading this has also watched videos on Facebook.

Though a lot of people will put up clips of their own, a lot more of them are “sharing” videos with their friends and colleagues. Just think what that actually means in terms of “spreading the word."

That little video your friend shared may have perked your interest, or it may have just passed right out of your thoughts. You may even have thought of a friend that would be interested, and so you shared it with them.

Let’s say that 500 of your friends saw a video you posted, and only THREE percent of them “acted” on it. That means that 15 people may have called your office or responded to the video offer, just from posting a video on Facebook. Let's not forget about the hundreds of more friends that your friends have that they could share it with...

Building Your Following

Imagine creating a Facebook business page, acquiring all kinds of fans, and then posting a professionally made video that is speaking directly to your target audience.

The people who have "Liked" you will have a sincere interest in your video -- otherwise they wouldn't have "Liked" you in the first place!

The Numbers Can’t Lie

Facebook is not oblivious to its massive audience, and offers people many ways of sharing videos and content. They also help businesses use video advertisements too.

Just stop to consider all of the demographic data you provided when you created your Facebook account… you gave your age, location, told a bit about your job or interests, etc. You also reveal a lot more about yourself through the things that you “Like” and post on your wall. This has allowed Facebook to create an impressively targeted advertising opportunity.

Dentists marketing for (example) dental implants can focus in on the age group, location, and general status of potential patients they want to target. The dentist could create an unique and compelling video and then use Facebook to send that video only to those within their target demographic.

Quality DOES Count

We talk with doctors from time to time that say they "have tried video and got no results." Well, if your idea of "doing video" is using the "flipcam" you got for your birthday, then you're probably not going to get the results you're looking for.

Jump into their shoes for a second: Would you go spend thousands of dollars with a doctor that advertises his practice through videos that are worse than a 70's horror flick?

Lights, Camera, Action

Ever heard this expression? There's a reason that "lights" comes before "camera." If you want to attract high-quality patients, you need to produce high-quality videos.

Your videos must have great lighting, great sound, great video, and most of all great content. This involves A LOT more than pulling out your "flipcam" to film your patient in the dental chair or against a wall...

Take a minute and check-out some of our recent successful marketing videos we've produced for our dentist clients.

Give our awesome sales team a call today @ 888.741.1413 to find out how we can produce high-quality videos for your practice - without ever stepping into your office!


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