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For the last 9 years, SmartBox Web Marketing has led the way in web design, search engine optimization, and market solutions for the small business professional.

Internet marketing has grown up. Stylized, "me-too" template solutions sold by one-size-fits-all medical marketing companies just don't work anymore. Your practice is unique and it deserves a unique brand and a unique marketing niche. These marketing companies do the same thing for each client and the end result is that no one gets ahead of the rest.

You deserve better.

Yes, they will go on about all the directories in which you will be listed, but guess what? Your competitors are listed in those same directories. Each year fewer and fewer copies of the Yellow Pages are being printed. There's a good reason for that. Directory marketing is dying. If it doesn't work in real time, don't expect it to work on the net.

Here's what we do – the SmartBox difference:

* Provide in-depth analysis of existing websites.
* We tell you exactly what works, what doesn't, and why.
* We design your website to your specifications with an eye to what works
* We write your content to be both highly readable and friendly to Google.
* We provide a ridiculously easy to use tool to track your leads and ROI
* We keep you abreast of the latest technologies and advise you on new tips and tricks.

Why do we do it?

Simple. Because we know that if we do not increase the productivity of your website, we won't have you for a client very long. SmartBox is a turnkey solution for professionals like dentists, chiropractors, attorneys, doctors, and other businesses that provide services and need to use the internet as a marketing vehicle. Nowadays with the dominance of Google, the web is the largest and most important marketing medium available for any industry and SmartBox helps very busy people take advantage of that through web design, content, video, search engine optimization and advertising, blogs, phone conversion tracking, social networking, and anything else that’s crucial to their online reputation.

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Written by rcarroll