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It’s common for people of all kinds to become passionate about many things: a cause, a belief, a hobby, work, or a relationship. It’s also common for that passion to become tempered over time, as life has a way of taking the bloom off the rose, so to speak.

But true passions – those that spring from and speak to something deep within the person – never truly disappear. Unless they’re extinguished by outside forces that seem to have no end.

How’s your passion for dentistry these days?

Odds are that it’s fading, and that’s a damned shame. Let’s do something about that.

When Dentistry Is A Grind, You Get Ground Down

The market forces of corporate dentistry, venture capital, consolidation, and declining insurance reimbursements have turned dentistry into something it was never meant to be.


That’s not to say that you can’t make money, but how you make that money is a far cry from what should be. In a better dental world, you’d be doing more work that interests you, that challenges you, that rekindles your passion for dentistry. You have time away from the practice live life, cherish family and friends, and see the world.

Instead, you’re chained to your practice, running frantically between rooms trying to keep up with a schedule packed with low-value patients. You’re doing routine exam after routine exams, basic restorations, and maybe a crown once in a while. And you’re doing this hour after hour, day after day, year after year.

You went to spent four long years in dental school and racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt for this? Doubtful. But even if you know that you’re still doing good work and helping people have healthier mouths and better smiles, that daily grind has to wear.

You Can Have Better With SmartBox

You don’t have to continue practicing treadmill dentistry. SmartBox will help you practice the dentistry you want.

If that sounds like an impossibility, it shouldn’t. We help more than 4,000 dentists get the patients they want. That, in turn, gives them the freedom to practice dentistry their way, whatever that may be.

We help dentists who want more patients, get more patients. We help dentists who particular types of patients – higher-value implant, cosmetic, and ortho – get the patients they want. We help dentists reclaim their passion for what they do.

In short, we make it possible for dentists to work less, earn more, and enjoy life.

What’s your current marketing bringing to your chairs?

If you’re ready to stop the erosion of your stamina, your patience, and your life, here’s your next step. Schedule a Practice Growth call. Invest the amount of time you need to place a crown or an implant to take a deep dive into your success goals, the competitive forces aligned against you, and the steps to take to reach your goals.

Following the call, you’ll receive your completely personalized Roadmap to a future filled with the success you want… and the passion that you might have thought you’d never reclaim.


Written by Smartbox

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