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How many times have you used Wikipedia to answer your questions? Did you know that it is created by people just like you and it is not a certified encyclopedia?

YouTube shares the same story, but in video. By the time you finish reading this blog, over 24 hours of new video will already have been added to YouTube.

YouTube even offers "featured videos" advertising, which is likened to pay-per-click advertising, but the users usually prefer the most viewed ones. Wonder what those are? Take a look. After you see all this videos you might better understand how YouTube has grown in dominance so rapidly to be the second largest search engine in the world now.

YouTube white teeth gurus
It sure seems Kandee Johnson is an expert in YouTube beauty. Her video on how to whiten your teeth at home with under $20 has more than 1 million views.

Judy uses some other whitening products and she has a little more than 670,000 viewers. But she feels the same as Kandee – if you have yellow teeth you should use popular remedies and not visit the dentist, as the treatment is too expensive.

And if you don’t feel that young beautiful women know a lot about teeth, maybe HowCast will seem more reliable. Their video, watched by more than 333,000 viewers by now, offer you a special DYI recipe and show you how you can get your teeth wither by using strawberries.

Do you use videos on your website?

I think you should! People will be able to see and hear you, to listen to your advice. They will feel comfortable when they decide to make an appointment – they know you already.

You can use the videos on YouTube and even on Facebook. And don’t forget about our Video Blast SEO service. You don’t need a Hollywood set and production crew to shoot a video.

At the end, have a laugh! Probably the most famous dentist related video on YouTube is that of David after dentist that has more than 87 million views! And it really makes going to the dentist seem fun!


Written by rcarroll