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There’s big news in the ongoing battle against gum disease. In October, 2016, it was announced that researchers had succeeded in sequencing more than 40 master regulator genes that are thought to be causative in periodontal disease.

In the short run, this development won’t change the practice of periodontal treatment. Longer-term, it opens the door to the development of not only better treatment compounds but potentially to one or more vaccines against gum disease. And that’s a game-changer that you’d do well to take into account in your long-term planning.

Dentistry is changing rapidly. In addition to the more recent technological advances, animal studies demonstrate the possibility of regenerating a tooth from the inside out, including the enamel. Probiotics incorporating a “superhero” strain of bacillus may prevent dental caries. And now, there’s the prospect that gum disease could become a thing of the past.

Even if none of these discoveries come to fruition, the writing’s on the wall – the science and technology of dentistry is advancing rapidly. Where will dentistry be in 5, 10, or 15 years? And will you be ready for it?

What Does the Future Hold for Your Dental Practice?

The changing nature of dentistry will require either additional investment or de-investment in your existing technology. Both are expensive, but dentists who have the capital reserves to be early adopters can reap large rewards.

Will your current dental marketing position you to ride the waves of change in your profession? If you’re doing what your competitors are, probably not. All of you are competing for and marketing to the same prospect pool of price-shopping, insurance-driven, and one-off patients. Without putting in extremely long hours, it’s unlikely that you’ll have sufficient revenue to subsidize new technology, must less fund your retirement.

Of course, working longer and harder by choice can be a pleasure – if you’re getting the right kinds of cases. That’s what Dr. CJ Landry of Marrero, Louisiana told us.

‘Nowadays,’ he said, “our practice is more implant-related so SmartBox's marketing is sending me those patients, specifically those patients. In dentistry, it's cyclical. You'll have busy times and slow times. Since we started with SmartBox, we're not really having the slow times. I’m actually working harder and more than I did before, by my choice.

“It's also going to allow me to bring an associate in fairly soon because I need some relief from how much work we're doing. In the past, it's been more of a headache of worrying about finances. Now, I'm worrying about getting enough time off so that I can enjoy the rewards. If you need more patients, absolutely SmartBox would be a fantastic choice.”

Take Action Now

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Not only will you reap the benefits as Dr. Landry is doing, you’ll position yourself to capitalize on the innovation that’s changing the face of dentistry.


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