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You should be able to look right in the face of a blue collar factory worker and, without hesitation, say, “We can make that happen for only $20,000” and feel GREAT about it.

Can you imagine that? No? Then read on.

For many dentists, the worst part of being a dentist is having to tell your patients how much a procedure will cost. In fact, many dentists have probably dumped that part off on a member of their staff. But you should not be embarrassed to charge a premium price for your services.

The first thing you have to understand is that you do not provide:

  • straighter teeth
  • whiter teeth
  • beautiful smiles
  • replacement teeth, or
  • sleep apnea appliances

Actually, you do PROVIDE those things, but you don’t SELL those things.

What you sell are results. And results are what patients value. That’s right – ultimately, you’re selling what patients value.

You are delivering:

  • the ability to smile with confidence
  • the ability to eat what you want
  • the freedom not to be judged (unfavorably) because of your smile
  • and a happier, healthier life

So if someone balks at your price, ask them what those things are worth and how they are going to achieve them for less money. You provide things they will have and use every day – peace of mind and self-esteem.

In fact, what you are giving them is worth far MORE than you are charging them.

There’s an old saying: the value of a thing is what that thing will bring. You have to put a price on your products and services, but it’s up to patients to decide the value to them. That’s not a decision you can make for them, and you shouldn’t try.

Keep this thought in mind – the only decisions you make are to decide what procedures and/or products a patient needs, consistent with sound clinical judgment. Everything else is up to them, including the decision as to buy or not buy.

You know that, in many cases, what you propose may not only improve their lives, but actually change their lives. That’s a very good thing to offer.

So, feel good about offering value for money whenever you offer a case solution to a patient. That will help make the experience less stressful for everyone.

The second thing is not to spend your patients’ money. Too often we pre-judge what someone can afford. You’ve probably seen instances where factory workers paid cash for their full mouth reconstruction.

Don’t let your preconceived notion of someone’s financial state dictate what they can spend. For someone who has spent 30 years embarrassed to smile, $15,000 is a small price to pay for beautiful new teeth.

For peace of mind and self-esteem, the price may be even smaller.

Now, can you imagine being able to look right in the face of a blue collar factory worker and, without hesitation, say, “We can make that happen for only $20,000” and feel GREAT about it?


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