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Your prospective patients are busy people. They are looking for the information that they need and a service that will provide for their problems, and they don't want to spend all day finding it! Recent studies have shown that an average of 50% of your website visitors will leave your website within 3 seconds unless you can provide them with a compelling reason to remain.

How much money are you investing into promoting your dental website? SEO services? Local search? Pay-Per-Click advertising? 50% of your marketing budget is being wasted if your website can't make that all important first impression.

Consider the Expression 'Surf the Web'

Today's internet population doesn't tend to stay on one website for a long time - instead they jump from page to page, moving on until they find something that's interesting and attention grabbing. And even if you do catch the attention of a prospective patient, if they can't find the information they want they will still leave your pages within seconds.

This is a problem faced by dental practices across the globe, but fortunately there are three steps that you can take to maximize the potential of your website.

Capture Your Audience with a Strong Headline

Your headline could be the one piece of content on your website that makes your visitors decide whether to stay with you or move on. The usual 'Welcome to our website' might look polite, but does it provide a potential patient with a reason to read on?

  • Do you even have a headline? If not, now is the time to think about how to capture your prospects attention with one line of text.
  • Why would your headline entice a reader to keep reading? Incorporate a strong reason into the text to lure them into your content.
  • Could a visitor leave your website without regretting it? Make sure they know that you have something important to say, and that they will miss out if they leave without learning more.
  • A headline is such a simple and powerful tool, but it is one that many websites get wrong.

    Keep Your Audience with Compelling Content

    When it comes to the internet, Content is King. And no, we're not talking about content written for search engines, but content written for the real human beings that want to learn more about you and what you do.

    Search engines today are incredibly sophisticated. They will rank your website high in their results should your visitors remain on your site to read it.

    Step into the Shoes of Your Future Patients

    If you are concerned that your content and headlines aren't delivering the results that they should, then your first step is simply to put yourself in the shoes of your patients.

    Think what you would like to see if you were suffering from a dental malady. Think of the fear that could keep them from making an appointment. Think of the problems that plague them. Think of the issues that keep them from falling asleep at night. By addressing these points in your headlines and content, you can be confident of increasing the amount of time these visitors spend on your web pages.

    You might run the best practice with the best training and offer the best service around, but if a patient can't find the information that they need, they will keep looking for another dentist.

    I challenge you to load up your website and imagine that you yourself were a patient, looking for a particular treatment.

    Would you stay on your own site for longer than 3 seconds?


    Written by rcarroll