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Your current dental website is likely very pretty. It has flashy colors and graphics, a great catch phrase at the top, thematic before & after images, a great biography with your credentials, and a list 2 pages long with all the dental services you offer.

So why is it not attracting you new qualified patients?

The reality is, the problem is not your dental website(s). It's not your web address, it's not the colors you chose nor your bio & credentials, and it's especially not how many keywords you're ranking for. It's your differentiation. It's your uniqueness, or lack of...

Pick a city and you'll be able to find at least a dozen dentists using one of the 6 BIG Wewe's:

  • "We're the best cosmetic dentist"
  • "We practice pain free dentistry"
  • "We offer free x-rays to all new patients!"
  • "We can take care of your whole family"
  • "We're your hometown dentist"
  • "We can do all your dental work in our office"

If you are targeting the patients that want free x-rays and exams, uniqueness doesn't matter because these leads are only interested in "cheap."

But when you want the $5,000-$50,000 deep disability reconstructive and cosmetic cases, you want to see the doctor who's the expert, who does it full time. You don’t want to see the guy who "lists that he can do it" on his website. You’re looking for the expert in the niche that you're researching.

Your patients don't know you're the expert unless you tell them.

The problem for many dentists is they expect their patients to "know" they are the best choice while not differentiating themselves as the obvious choice. They camouflage themselves amongst their competition, and when patients are trying to decide, they all look the same. So they keep looking...

If you want to attract the cases and patients that YOU want, your patients must see you as that "brain surgeon" (a.k.a. the master of one not the jack of all trades). You must be their hero and answer all their questions.

...And then (and only then) will they choose you.

Marketing is like playing 'darts'.

When you play darts, you can hit lots of places on the dart board and still score points. But if you aim for the bull-eye, you're going to score the most points with the least amount of throws.

It's not about turning away patients that don't need your other services, but rather about making you stand out as the expert in a specific niche area and attracting the patients needing that specific dental care.

By only marketing to attract the types of patients and cases you want, you can stay profitable in this new dental economy without discounting and without being insurance dependent.

How do you attract the patients you want?

Your advertising is a mirror reflection of the type of patient you will attract. If you want to attract the large cases and patients with money to spend, your marketing must be attuned to the needs of those patients (Hint: “Free whitening and x-rays” isn’t going to do it...).

When you want a new car, you don’t search for “car”. You search for “2012 Torch Red Corvette”. And when your patients are looking for solutions to their loose dentures, they don’t search for “dentist”, they search for the answer to their problem.

When you answer all of their questions, you will be their hero, and they will pick up the phone can call you.

So what's the next step?

My grandpa used to say "brains are cheap". And he was 110% right.

You don't need to learn the nitty-gritty "how-to", you just have to surround yourself with smart people. There isn't any "get rich quick" scheme's and there isn't "a Google switch" to transform your website into a rock star overnight... But there are rock-solid ethical ways to get YOU seen by the patients YOU want.

The first step for many docs towards growing their practice and achieving economic freedom is just a click away...


Written by rcarroll