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An article in the ADA News touted the expansion of a program designed to prepare those hungry and debt-ridden dental school graduates for the real world.

ADA Success covers such areas as practice management, money management, employment agreements, and finding a job, among others.

One thing that the program doesn’t explicitly cover is dental practice marketing. If those new graduates open their own practices,  they’re going to have learn marketing as they go along. Just like you did, probably.

Think back to when your first hung out your shingle. What was your marketing approach way back then? How did you decide on it?

The odds are that you took a look at what your competitors were doing and did the same. Or, if you were lucky, you had a mentor who you could consult for tips and ideas. If you were extraordinarily fortunate, you had the funds to hire a dental marketing firm.

And as one month turned into two, and then into six, you probably found yourself trying to juggle your marketing to produce better results. It’s likely that you didn’t truly know what parts of your marketing were producing and which weren’t.

That leads to the one advantage you enjoy over those new dental school grads. You might think it’s the fact that you’re established, or that you have already have a patient base, or that you have a great location.

No, your one advantage is this:  you already know that your current marketing doesn’t work as well as you’d like it to.

You’re reading a blog about dental marketing. If your current program consistently produced all the quality new patients you could handle, you wouldn’t need or want to shake things up. You’d be too busy making money.

Instead, you’re likely getting a lot of price-shoppers and one-and-dones. You may be spending your days on an unending string of drill-and-fills. And you’re probably being squeezed by declining insurance reimbursements.

If corporate dentistry is in your area, it’s sucking away new patients that you might otherwise have gotten. If it hasn’t reached you yet, it will.

Some of those new grads might be moving to your market. That means even more competition for the same pool of dental prospects.

You Have One Advantage. Use It.

If you’ve been following SmartBox’s marketing, you know that we offer a proven, industry-leading Patient Attraction System™. You’ve probably read or watched testimonials from our dentists who have used our system to attract more and better patients and to get more profits and more freedom to pursue the cases they love to handle.

Maybe you read where our Elite level dentists averaged 110 new patient calls a month during the first quarter of this year.

Or you’ve read about Dr. Raleigh Pioch, who grew his dental practice from $800 thousand to $3.2 million a year in just 6 years.

You know three things:

  1. Your current marketing doesn’t work as well as you’d like.
  2. There’s a proven Patient Attraction System™ that is helping dentists on three continents to achieve “double their practice or better” growth.
  3. That system is backed up by the SmartBox $10,000 Guarantee.

The new graduates and corporate dentistry are coming for your patients.

What will you do?


Written by Smartbox

SmartBox employs the best minds in dentistry to help you grow your practice. Our Practice Growth System™ is proven to help dentists in every market area across the country achieve predictable year-over-year growth.