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The holidays are over, and the dust is settling after the festivities. Whether you’re happy to move on or a little sad they’re over, it’s time to look at mid-year goals already. We know it's only January 5, but planning for your practice’s near and distant future should start now.

Wishful thinking won’t prepare you for a mid-year bump in revenue, new patients, more specialty cases, or anything else you hope for in 2023. You need to get the wheels turning on how you plan to accomplish these things.

Let’s keep in mind that the economy’s still unsettled, prices continue to climb, and staffing continues to be a challenge. There’s one thing that’s steady, however: patients wanting a beautiful smile. Lucky for you, you have the skills and expertise to make it happen.

But how will prospective patients know this?

They won’t – unless you show, tell, or prove that you’re the only logical choice for dental care. That begins by promoting your practice on your website, on social media, in paid ads, through referrals, open houses, and so on. Focus should always be on the patient and how you can help them

The New Year is overwhelming for those of us who have lofty goals, so jumping into improving everything at once will have you crying uncle. Like health goals, wealth goals can be tackled one step at a time. It can start with two new patients a week, or every other week. It could be raising your rates (everyone’s doing it), or it could mean offering that new speciality service. No matter the train you hop on, any kind of push toward improvement will get you closer to your vision for mid-year.   

Having an ally on that journey will get you there that much faster. You take care of your patients, and we’ll help you attract more.  

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