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All over the country, dentists are back in business. From what we hear, most of them are nose-to-grindstone dealing with the pent up demand for services. That’s a good thing; dentists need to make as much money as they can right now and keep making even more money going forward.

One thing that might be keeping dentists up at night is the possibility that pent up demand will be exhausted, and they’ll be back at “business as usual.” That state of affairs, as we’ve recently learned, was somewhere between okay and good, but it was also fragile in ways that nobody expected. 

But know that we know about those vulnerabilities, dentists can create systems and teams that will keep them above the turmoil and uncertainty, steadily on track to profit.

Pent Up Demand Is JUST The Beginning

Most dentists don’t realize it, but the shifting model of dentistry in response to the pandemic is a golden opportunity to refine practices, streamline procedures, and realize huge increases in revenue.

You might be worried about the prospect of another shutdown in your market or even in your state. If that’s the case, you’ll be interested to learn that, while an ADA survey showed that dentists averaged just 5% of revenue during the shutdown, the average revenue for SmartBox dentists never dropped below 35%!

For most practices, that figure is enough to keep staff and bills paid… meaning that you would be in excellent shape to weather the crisis and to reopen strong.

With that out of the way, let’s talk about how you and your teams can step up your game.

The Rx For A TSUNAMI Of New Profits

If you’ve been following Colin Receveur’s Survive & Thrive Webinars, or his more recent It’s Time To Thrive series, you know that he has laid out concrete, detailed, and actionable strategies to vastly increase your monthly revenue.

Briefly, the various aspects of those strategies boil down to this:

  • Provide reassurance regarding safety to your patients and prospects.
  • Establish your reputation as the preferred, “go-to dentist” in your market.
  • Identify higher-value cases that you want to pursue.
  • Improve your teams’ performance in the 5 A’s – Answer, Appoint, Accept, Attend, and Average.

So, basically you’re getting more new and existing patients to make and keep their appointments; you’re persuading patients to accept treatment, even higher-value case solutions; your average case value is increasing; and you’re making a TON more money.

We Lay It All Out For You

Early next month, SmartBox is releasing a brand-new report:

Turn Your Pent Up Demand Into A TSUNAMI Of New Profits

The free report details what you need to do and how to do it to keep making more money even after the initial rush of patients have been seen. 

This is a win-win for dentists; if a second wave of COVID-19 infections does result in further shutdowns, you have the cash on hand you need to keep your staff and practice. And if the predictions don’t come to pass, you’re uniquely positioned to dominate your market and make more money than you’ve ever imagined.

We’ll let you know in this blog when the report is ready, but be sure to keep an eye on your email as well.


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