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Don’t be put off by the title of this piece; every doctor who chooses to partner with us has their own idea. 

Today, let’s focus on what it means to Dr. Alvin Daboul of Royal Oak, Michigan. 

I've been with Smartbox for four years now. Before SmartBox, I had to spend a lot of time with whoever was managing my marketing. I had to micromanage the marketing almost like I was doing the marketing myself. So, I wasn't able to put the focus on what was really important to me, which was the team culture and the patients. 

With SmartBox, they're able to ensure high quality patients coming through the door very predictably. They're able to target the exact services that I want to do as a dentist. I'm just really happy that they listen to me, taking the services that I want to do in my office, and getting me those types of patients who are ready to be treated in that type of service.

I’m now able to focus on the culture in my office and focus on patient care, and not worry so much about how to get the patients in the door. I just worry more now about how to take good care of those patients and good care of my staff. 

One of the most valuable benefits with SmartBox is they are comprehensive. They take care of not just the marketing, but also the amount of feedback I get from them, and the meetings I get, and the support. I really don't have to pay much attention to the marketing. They take care of it for me, and I can get as involved as I want, or as not involved as I want.

When I first started with SmartBox, I wasn't as involved because I was busy working on my practice and getting the internal stuff where I needed it, but they never missed a beat. I still had the new patients coming in the door, I still had the services that I asked for. Now that I’ve got the staff where I want them, internally I'm focusing on the marketing. Now, they're talking to me every single week for a meeting. Before, I would talk every couple of months, and now I want meetings every single week to discuss my campaigns and what's going on.

So whether you want to be involved, you can be involved with them. Whether you want them to just run the show for you, they'll run the show for you. So they're going to tailor it to what you're looking for. I'm happy that they've done that for me. They do a good job of making sure they're not just giving you leads, but that your team is getting those patients into the chair so that you have a patient sitting in front of you, not just calling.

That's one thing I appreciate about SmartBox – I know that they're going to follow through with what they say.

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